Confirmed Drivers
C. Brandt #19 Subway Toyota
K. Miller #3 Goodwrench Chevrolet
C. Brown #18 M&M's Toyota
J. Marvin #78 Furniture Row Toyota
S. Peeples #7 Accell Chevrolet
J. Swaine #1 McDonald's Chevrolet
R. Harley #27 Richmond Chevrolet
C. Hancock #96 Triad Toyota
T. Baker #11 FedEx Toyota
B. Bauska #51 Chevrolet
B. Fritz
J. Benham

P. Bernhardt
D. Ingraham

The race will run counter-clockwise for one and a quarter laps. The starting line is after Istanbul with the finish at it's original position in front of RROC. You have 2 laps worth of resources to use for 16 total corners.

If anyone has an actual copy of this track (it has a qualifying track in the middle which I whited out), I would appreciate a confirmation of the corner speeds. The image I found on the internets is not very clear. Thanks to Tim B. for confirming the corner speeds. The track is finalized!

I named the corners based on all the tracks we've run in Redscape league play through season 4 plus a nod to Jim's RROC. I like corners with names. Some of the trees were kept because, well, trees.