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NASCAR Driver (Pro V)
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Post 08 Jun 2018, 5:32 pm

We are driving Montreal for the 3rd race in season 5. Doug has made a small modification to the track: The 3rd row in each lane of Virage Senna is now 100 instead of 60/80/100. There is a point to this...

There will be a rules modification for this race, which may be a permanent change in the next published CFR edition. As stated now, you cannot increase speed in a corner if it causes you to utilize more wear (or roll a chance). The modified rule will continue to not allow an increase in speed but only if it causes increased wear usage in the next space only.

This seems pretty obscure but with the positioning of the S/F line at Montreal right in front of the Senna corner, it becomes potentially relevant. Maybe... we'll see.

Here's the modified track:
Rally Racer (Pro III)
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Post 08 Jun 2018, 8:02 pm

I guess this would apply on Turn 1 if you won pole position and started at 60 or 80 and wanted to go 100 on Turn 2 into an interior lane.