So in my idle time I thought about something that is very true when it qualifying for a race. That depending on the amount of laps of the race the value of a point of Tires or Skill burned can differ.

The reason this is important has to largely do with higher qualifying which can at times go over a pull point in a stat, and thus a person could be buying skill or tire points for the soul purpose of burning it.

Thus I looked into the numbers and what I found was interesting.

In a three lap race, there Skills and Tires are even. 1 Point of Tires will get you 3 Wear(Worth 3 pts in Qual), where 1 Point of skill will get you 3 1s and a 3s (Worth 1.5+1.5=3 in Qual). Thus, no matter if you are committing tires or skill to your qualifying point buying is worth the same.

Going away from standard practice however, changes that curve. If a race is under 3 laps, Skills becomes better than tires, as the 3s chip means you get an extra half point per lap less than 3 if you spend the entire point in comparison to tires. With a race above 4 laps, Tires get better than skill, as for each 3 chip, you are loosing half a point per lap greater than 3.

So yeah...just an interesting thought when it comes to qualifying and choosing what points to sacrifice in your bid.