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This, my first game in a few years, was not a good game for me, but none the less, the early stages were interesting and dynamic. I put in a lot of time and thought, but france failed to make a lasting impact, except in so far as i made an english solo inevitable.

At the outset I only knew one player in any detail, Geezerguy. I had met him once before in a game, and knew him as a former tournament of champions winner after a rare stab on Jaundiced Jaffe (i have qualified for toc twice before, and i think i topped the board in a dias in one of the games, was eliminated in the other) and as a character who, apart from that game, likes to pick a solid ally to whom he remains faithful. But I know from experience that to other players he can sound loyal, but stabs without hesitation. Perhaps it's a psychological thing.

I met ozzietheblade in one game a very long time ago. we were both quite new to dip then.
Patrickpweeks was a name i have seen about, and anyone who hangs around for long enough to have name recognition has a good chance of being a solid player - and so it transpired.
The other players I didn't know at all. In particular, I wish I had known of the personality of the German player for his actions, more than those of any other player, defined this game.


I established a good relationship with italy (geezerguy) from the outset. I believed that in another game I could have been his concrete partner of choice, but in this game I suspected that this couldn't be the case. What he really likes is to have detailed correspondence and shared plans. What actually could Italy and France talk about other than "non-aggression pact?", "great", "still non-aggression pact?", "sure thing", while we focused on east and west respectively. So of course I had to find out who his preferred partner was. Seeing as how he and Russia (ozzietheblade) seemed to know each other, I felt that Russia was his most likely partner.

The shared fall attack on Austria confirmed that in my mind and the fact that Austria lost Vienna in f 01 meant that the likely progress of this RI would be rapid and deadly and felt it highly likely that turkey would be swallowed up immediately after Austria before RI turned west. So this RI threat, featuring a loyal and steady Geezerguy, looked to me to be deadly earnest. Austria, Germany and England also seemed to see it as a real threat

The western triangle meanwhile was having problems clarifying. I initially preferred an alliance with germany against england. Of course at this time i was not to know the unique nature of germany's playing style. Germany was unwilling to go out on a limb with any kind of deal. His preferred stance was that i bounce england in belgium while he makes no commitment at all.
I believed at that time, and still do, that there never was a solid EG alliance against me, and so rather than risk annoying england over belgium i would let england in, per his clearly stated request, and see how things played out.

However in f01, germany bounced russia in swe, which i knew nothing about, and either happened with england's knowledge, or on his own initiative. I don't know which, but i didn't like the possibility that it was his own idea since he seemed so cautious about belgium and england, so this made me wary of an EG alliance - in any case i was getting the idea that G was not friendly towards France.

Germany then built 2 armies in w01

This was the single most fateful decision of the game and immediately changed everything.

The two armies built by germany straight away ruled out a combined FG attack on England, (certainly with any hope of success before the seemingly likely RI alliance had finished with austria). It also meant that an EF attack on Germany was going to be a cakewalk for england, while france would be lucky to even take one sc. The other option that it was an EG alliance against F was also not attractive, so this left for me the remaining option of advocating a triple alliance to stop the RI alliance while buying me breathing space to think about what to do about england. Eventually this was agreed upon.

England already knew he had all the best options, his writing was like, " yeah man, whatever, triple alliance ftw" *licks lips*. In a triple it was already clear that he had the best hand of the three of us, so what was not to like?


In terms of breaking up the putative RI, the triple was totally effective. Much too effective with russia quickly disintegrating after Turkey piled in. Italy perhaps forewarned moved to meet france. In any case, my options were very poor, being left to tackle italy while E storms through the north.

After Spring it was now obvious that england was in a potentially game-winning position. Only 1 non-english fleet in the north (not including the stunned russian's), and with me and italy stuck in a hopelessly stalemated position, germany was destined to be next on england's menu, then me - or perhaps the other way around. I hit on what i thought was a sound plan. I bring italy into MAO, and then in s03 bump him foreward into the seas around england. Italy seemed interested. I tried to negotiate with germany his part in a plan to deprive england of belgium- all negotiations with this germany fail. This is now obvious to every player on the board.

I figured also that with the loss of russia, italy would be more interested in a new friend and my idea offered the kind of detailed planning and correspondence that he likes.

But after initially agreeing, italy also chickened out (i missed a trick when italy asked for a bounce in mao - i should have agreed and simply misordered), England's power grew, and the long AT mexican standoff started to develop

Out of exasperation I made some petulant and ineffective moves


By spring with england getting 2 more builds, germany suddenly decided that england really was a threat. I was all like blah, blah, england is winning. i was telling you this last turn, now with his two more builds the moment to actually take him down has passed. Italy also seemed to agree that england was now a major threat, so we agreed to try again on the now weaker plan to get italy into mao for forward bump and germany cooperate in taking down belgium. In spring it seemed like it could work although italy was all nervous about an obviously hobbled austria. Anyway we got italy into mao and england booted out of belgium.

Come fall, it all could have worked. Got italy next to england, built a fleet in brest. I thought i'd seeded disinformation well to get england to try tapping belgium rather than brest, but no, actually germany who called for me to help contain england, and italy decided i was the real target, and i was attacked by all three. England of course was just defending himself gaining 2 more scs in the process, italy and germany stabbed pointlessly. Germany i realise just plays this way (he felt bad about belgium despite calling for action against england, and being subject to attack from england!), but geezerguy, honestly, i expect better self-discipline from my dog*. Disappointed to see it from a toc champion. Of course all threat to england now evaporated and his victory became inevitable.

So that was it from me, attacked by all neighbours i had only one chance to see out the game and have some fun - offer my services to england. And so i did. I keep my word in diplomacy, most of the time anyway. If someone later turned up with a plan that saw a dias and me not crushed out of the game by the two sides i would have been interested.

In any case 1904 happened in which...


Germany under direct and overwhelming attack from england decided to invade....France. I know, I know, its funny isn't it?

Also in Spring, Italy rather hilariously wrote to me saying in effect...btw have you noticed how strong england is getting, perhaps we can stall him by blocking off mao. Lolzers.

In any case i needed all my units to make sure germany was suitably punished for his inexplicable invasion. And fall 1904 saw germany killed off. his two remaining units left in the east.

I tried encouraging AT to sort out a real alliance (A anyway, i never talked much with turkey) . It would have two effects, one keep italy off my back, two maybe, just maybe, form the backbone of a stalemate. In reality, the lack of trust between A and T made a true alliance impossible, but it did keep italy busy


With germany dead, and italy pre-occupied, and A and T stuck in a dance of death, there was nothing much in it but for me to fulfil my oath to england. T's stab on A sealed the buisiness.

In spring 1906 I proposed england solo, it was voted down, geezer guy attempted to rally an alliance. Geezerguy galloped to the rescue a day late and a dollar short and was treated as such.

The game had its moments. Patrick played a superb game, it's been a real pleasure to meet you. You never placed a foot wrong. next time, deus volonte, i will be the lucky one! Austria, much maligned, i think you tried hard, and played a fair game in a difficult position. Italy, disappointing performance, much as i like writing to you. Turkey - some tactical errors, good killer instinct - should write more. russia reminds me of the guy in raiders of the lost arc who arrives on scene waves his sword around, then just gets shot. Germany, germany, i will not forget you. When playing, i think most of us like to channel our inner Bismarck, Richelieu, or even Sauron. But you, it is your inner Don Quixote that you commune with in this game. At one point I wasn't sure if you weren't just trolling us with this exceptionally random style of play, but in the end i was satisfied that it is just the way you play it. It's quite entertaining to watch. I especially loved A Ukr - Sev! (and also A Bur - Mar :))

best wishes to all of you



* My dog is not very self-disciplined
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Post 06 Nov 2014, 1:25 am

Also, a note to the GM Mr. theshrizzz (dario)

great job gming, thanks for the time you put into it.