Orders as received
F Mid-Eng
F SpaSc-Mid
A Bre-Pic
A Par s A Bre-Pic
A Bur-Bel
F Tun-Ion

A St.P to Lvn
F Bot supports A St.P to Lvn
A Lon to Nwy
F Nth convoys A Lon to Nwy
F Pic to Eng
F Iri supports F Pic to Eng
A Mun to Bur
A Ruhr supports A Mun to Bur
A Bel supports A Munich to Bur
A Kiel to Mun
A Sil supports A Kiel to Mun
A Ber supports A Sil

Army ROM Supports Russian Army GAL to BUD

Army Moscow S (Turkish) Army Serbia - Greece
Army Galicia - Silesia
Army Warsaw S Army Galicia - Silesia
Army Bohemia S Army Galicia - Silesia
Army Tyrolia S Army Bohemia
Army Venice S (Turkish) Army Apulia - Rome

Army Naples-Rome
Army Apulia supports Army Naples-Rome
Fleet Ionian-Naples
Fleet Greece-Ionian
Army Serbia-Bulgaria
Fleet Sev supports Fleet Rumania
Fleet Rumania supports Fleet Sev
Army Armenia supports Fleet Sev
Fleet Smyrna-Aegean

Orders as adjudicated
A Brest - Picardy
A Burgundy - Belgium (*Dislodged*)
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - English Channel (*Fails*)

A Paris Supports A Brest - Picardy
F Spain(sc) - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Fails*)
F Tunis - Ionian Sea (*Bounce*)

A Belgium Supports A Munich - Burgundy
A Berlin Supports A Silesia
F Gulf of Bothnia Supports A St Petersburg - Livonia
F Irish Sea Supports F Picardy - English Channel
A Kiel - Munich
A London - Norway
A Munich - Burgundy
F North Sea Convoys A London - Norway
F Picardy - English Channel
A Ruhr Supports A Munich - Burgundy
A Silesia Supports A Kiel - Munich (*Dislodged*)
A St Petersburg - Livonia

A Rome Supports A Galicia - Budapest (*Dislodged*)

A Bohemia Supports A Galicia - Silesia
A Galicia - Silesia
A Moscow Supports A Serbia - Greece (*Fails*)
A Tyrolia Supports A Bohemia
A Venice Supports A Apulia - Rome (*Void*)
A Warsaw Supports A Galicia - Silesia

A Apulia Supports A Naples - Rome
A Armenia Supports F Sevastopol
F Greece - Ionian Sea (*Bounce*)
F Ionian Sea - Naples
A Naples - Rome
F Rumania Supports F Sevastopol
A Serbia - Bulgaria
F Sevastopol Supports F Rumania
F Smyrna - Aegean Sea

Summer 1910 Retreats:
-French A Burgundy retreats to Marseilles
-German A Silesia retreats to Prussia
-Italian A Rome retreats to Tuscany