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Post 21 Feb 2011, 8:51 pm

I was Austria. I have no idea how the nations were assigned, but I was the lowest of the point totals for final round, and Austria is a fitting nation for guy who barely made the playoffs.

I don't have much to say. I think Austria in a gunboat is inevitable death. Since I knew any self-respecting Russia was going to open to Galicia, which the Czar did, then I decided to just play the rest of the game to give a tactical advantage to Turkey, and signal to him, I would be his Janissary. Alas, even though I repeatedly offered support to the Sultan, even after he had moved on me, I figured there was no path for me but an early elimination. I think I was gone in 1904.

It is what it is. So, my long-standing disdain of Russia continues. No matter what nation I am assigned, I have a pathological hatred of Russia, and will work against it no matter what. One day, I have a peculiar hope to play in a standard where Russia does not piss me off.
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Post 24 Feb 2011, 6:05 am

I have no idea how the nations were assigned

Preferences, with first choice going to top combined score. R3 Prefs were as follows:

1) colonel angus: GIRTA (EF were already played)
2) freeman: TFRIE (AG were already played)
3) andreaz: FEGAI (RT were already played)
4) Danivon: FEGIA (TR were already played)
5) Archilles: FGEIA (RT were already played)
6) Javelin: TGREA (FI were already played)
7) mtodd0004: FGEIA (EF were already played)