First of all I would like to Thank Bobby for his dedication to running this tournament. A Job well done and most enjoyable….A Heart felt Thank You

As for the game It was so long that most of the early years are a blur .I barely remember all the details. This is what happens when you get past 50.but I do remember working closely with England and by 03 I had basically taken from Brest to Sweden was sitting at 8-9 units. I decided that to continue my growth I needed to attack England. I offered up the lowlands to entice England to move there once he grabbed Belgium I would have the added support of my armies to help defeat England.

Russia and Turkey were battling over Austria while Italy stood on the side deciding whether to attack France or Austria or Germany.

Italy was a big help in my growing in the beginning as he continued to attack France stopping him from getting larger. As he attacked Mars I was able to get Paris and Brest. This was a deal as he did all the dirty work for me and allowed me to gain for this I thank you….I will find a place in my organizing for you…

As Russia and Turkey were fighting over Austria I decided to Leave Russia alone and let him keep himself and Turkey from getting any larger. This allowed me to continue my attack on England.

By 07 I had expanded to around 9-10 units and decided to retake France. Then Russia with Italian support decided to attack me in the east. I am sure the Turk was loving this the only thing I had going was the fact that without discussing things they were not able to co-ordinate attacks and then with Turkey attacking Italy’s homeland the attack fell apart…I continued to press into France and by now I knew I would be at 16 -17 sc all that was left was if I could solo…..

Then things changed Turkey Attacked Russia and what I though was a mistake France. Personally I would of left France alone to continue to defend against me but it was his call. I reassessed and figured Turkey would get to 15 I still had the lead….I then proceeded on probably the worst 2 to 3 sets of orders I had delivered all game.

1st mistake I decided to support Russia after the stab instead of just plowing through him this cost me Vienna .I had superior forces in the area and delayed that 1 turn this allowed Turkey to gain position and Vienna.

And the worst was allowing France to Retreat to Brest in my own defense I did catch this mistake. and on Wednesday before deadline I redid my orders to make the necessary changes but when I sent my message I left to go get my wife at work as there was a snowstorm happening and little did I Know my ISP was down and after timing out it sent my message to my Draft file. I did not recheck this when I got home some hours later and was only made aware when I received adjudication that night.

I felt horrible I had the game won at 17-16-1 and now faced the fact that France sitting at 2 units was now the king maker if he attacked Gascony as he did in spring 14 and Turkey attacked Mars all was lost

I placed myself in his position in the final turn and thought that I would of left the decision to the main combatants which he did and for this I thank you

I also did not attack Brest in the final turn as I believe Turkey played a hell of a game and although I did not know the outcome of what Brest would do if he did as I hoped the game would end in a tie. A fitting eng to a game well played…I also knew that points would allow me the win

This was probably one of my more enjoyable tournaments right up there with the TOC games I have played the only difference is this time I won

I really cannot say enough about my adversaries they all played well and no nrr this shows the quality of player involved in a game lasting as long as it did.

So without boring you any longer I thank you all for a job well done and I look forward to defending should there be A gunboat 2

Again Bobby Thank you for a job well done

All the best

Rich aka Colonel Angus