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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Post 03 Jul 2024, 7:07 am

Some excitement as the leaders are in lap 2!

Turn 12 Summary

Herbert crosses into lap 2 at 100 and coughs up two wear on the Start Curve, inside line. Hoyt, at 120, sets up the inside line.

Dent picks up the outside line in Start Curve at 140. Collins sets up inner red at 120.

Koerber runs Lakter for free, on the racing line, at 80.

Needham overbrakes to 100 w/ 1s (modified 7). He scrubs a wear on the North 80 followed by two more in Lakter to clear. Johnson, at 100, burns a wear on the North line then squeezes past the #2 w/ 2s on the forced pass (modified 3)*. He's through and tosses two wear into the basket!

Note: I deducted 2s twice. Correction on next turn.

Selbyg conserves at 80 on the North line and sets up the next one.

Blanchett clears North on the line at 100 for a wear. Pawlak grabs the North line at 100.

Searles, at 160, has to settle for inside position, off-line.

Turn 13 Deadline: Friday, July 5th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon UTC)
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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Post 05 Jul 2024, 7:40 am

Two NPR's - shall I attribute that to July 4 festivities?!

Turn 13 Summary

Herbert continues at 100 and sets up Opel on the line. Hoyt, at 80, coughs up a wear on Startkurvan.

Dent burns a wear at 100 on the outer red line. Collins conserves at 80, also on the outside red.

Johnson sets up Startkurvan on the secondary red line at 140.

Needham takes an RM plot of 140 and follows the red machine (NPR #1: Warning). Koerber takes an RM plot of 120 (NPR #2: 1w penalty).

Selbyg clears Laktar at 60 on the inside rail for free. Blanchett dumps two wear on the Laktar line at 120.

Searles takes the North 80 with an overbrake (modified 6 with 1s) and sets up the Laktar line. Pawlak, at 80, runs the North racing line but is denied the line in Laktar. He has to pony up a wear on the inside but, on the plus side, he clears the corner.

Turn 14 Deadline: Monday, July 8th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon UTC)
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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Post 08 Jul 2024, 5:10 am

Turn 14 Summary

Hudson is clear of Opel on the line at 80. Hoyt, at 100, burns a wear on the red line and has the leader's bumper.

Dent goes outer rail for free at 80. Collins finishes Start Curve at 80.

Johnson runs the outside line at 80 for free. Needham plots 100 before late braking to 80 with 1s (modified 6). He follows the #1 machine through Start Curve for free.

Koerber knocks down a wear at 80 on the inside line.

Selbyg, at 120, opts for the outside racing line. Blanchett takes the inside line, also at 120.

Pawlak sets up in the middle lane at 120 with options next turn. Searles clears Laktar at 80 on the line for free.

Turn 15 Deadline: Wednesday, July 10th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon UTC)
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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 10 Jul 2024, 6:31 am

The dice heat up...

Turn 15 Summary

Herbert sets up the Hansen line at 100. Hoyt, at 120, slides into to inside position and first place... for now.

Dent slams the gas pedal and hits 120 around Opel on the blue line. Collins takes an RM plot of 80 to clear Opel for free (NPR #2: 1w penalty).

Johnson eases his way into Opel on the outer rail at 80 for free. Note: Ed's personal defaults are set to block passers.

Needham gets the initiative at 140. He late brakes to 120 w/ 1s (modified 6) and scrubs two wear on the red line. Koerber, at 120, goes to plan C: He brings out the red chip for a forced pass attempt on the #1 (1+3 = pass). Johnson takes a wear of damage on the block.

Note: Andrew can use the blue line since it began after the pass.

Selbyg gets initiative at 120 and burns two wear in Startkurve via the outside line. Blanchett spends two wear in the 40's at 80.

Pawlak, at 80, clears Startkurve on the inner line for a wear. Searles, at 120, sets up the outside racing line and is the final car to start the 2nd lap.

Turn 16 Deadline: Friday, July 12th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon UTC)
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NASCAR Driver (Pro V)
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Post 11 Jul 2024, 4:01 am

Herbert lays down a hot lap and has a nearly 2.5 second lead at the line
C4 summary.png
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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Post 12 Jul 2024, 6:57 pm

Turn 16 Summary

Hoyt, at 80, goes outside red for a wear. Herbert runs the inside line at 60 for free and takes back the lead.

Dent pulls up to Hansen on the outside line at 80.

Collins picks up the primary line at 120. Needham, also at 120 stays on his exhaust.

Koerber ramps the engine up to 140 on the blue line and takes inside on the green racer. Johnson uses blue to hit 120.

Selbyg rounds Opel on the red line for free at 80. Blanchett scrubs a wear at 100 on the same line.

Pawlak sets up the red Opel line at 80. Searles clears Startkurven at 80 on the outside red line.

Turn 17 Deadline: Monday, July 15th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon UTC)