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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Post 03 Jun 2024, 6:30 am

Builds are in...

- Small to medium engines dominate.
- Brakes are 50/50 on 40's and 60's.
- The outliers on start speed include four at 100 and two at 20.
- Tires are popular with nine cars loading up on wear.

Starting Bid Deadline: Wednesday, June 5th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon UTC).

You may bid wear (1 point each) and/or skill (0.5 points each).
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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
Posts: 7859
Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 05 Jun 2024, 7:31 am

The grid is set!

Row 1a: Herbert 1w+12s = 7.0
Row 1b: Collins 2w+10s = 7.0
Row 2a: Dent 5w+3s = 6.5
Row 2b: Hoyt 2w+2s = 3.0
Row 3a: Hudson 1w+2s = 2.0
Row 3b: Johnson 0w+4s = 2.0
Row 4a: Blanchett 2w+0s = 2.0
Row 4b: Needham 0w+4s = 2.0
Row 5a: Selbyg 0w+3s = 1.5
Row 5b: Searles 0w+1s = 0.5
Row 6a: Pawlak 0w+0s = 0.0
Row 6b: Koerber (NBR) default = 0.0

Turn 1 Deadline: Friday, June 7th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon UTC)
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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 07 Jun 2024, 7:21 am

Boogity, boogity, boogity... let's go racing!

As the lights go out, five cars push and five cars succeed. Nine cars end three abreast!

Turn 1 Summary

Herbert (#16), at 100, jumps on the inside red line for two wear. Collins (#22), also at 100, scrubs a wear on the outer red line.

Dent (#45) pushes to 80 with his big chip (modified 4) and sets up the inside line. Hoyt* (#24) pushes to 80 with 2s (modified 5) and grabs the outside racing line.

Johnson (#1), at 100, is left with few options. It's the middle lane for the rookie. Hudson (#99) sets up on the inside line at 60.

Needham (#2) pushes to 80 with 2s (modified 8) and, with no directive, takes the inside lane. Blanchett (#39) eases out at 20 into the middle lane?

Searles (#9) has the initiative at 60. Selbyg (#88) pushes to 40 with 2s (modified 5).

Koerber (#72) pushes to 120 with 2s (modified 4) and quickly moves up the leaderboard. Pawlak (#84) creates a three-wide in the back.

Turn 2 Deadline: Monday, June 10th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon UTC)

*Note: Don't mind the Bondo and red paint on the driver side of the #24 - Mike H. hit some traffic on the way to the track and, well... you know how he drives.

Note: This is Circuit 4, not Circuit 1. You don't want to be up there with those jerks anyway.
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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 10 Jun 2024, 6:40 am

The first corner creates havoc with so many cars trying to navigate through.

Turn 2 Summary

Herbert dives into Opel on the outside at 100 for a wear. He licks his chops at the green line (that's a +40 racing line in there, folks!). Collins sets up the Opel red line at 100.

Hoyt gets the initiative at 120 and scrubs two wear on the outer red line. Dent is next at 100. With no place to exit from the inside red line, he gets sent through the Startkurven 60's for two pellets.

Last out of the three wide, Johnson decides to conserve wear and travels through the 60's for free at 60. And so the problems begin...

Hudson has the initiative at 100. He runs the outer red for a wear and bumps out one lane at the end. Koerber is next, also at 100. With no room at the inn, he tosses two skill in for the late brake (modified 0) and clips two tires at 80 in the Startkurvan 40's.

Rando is last to move out of the three-wide at 80. He has to settle for the middle 60's and burns a wear. Searles, at 100, scrapes off a wear on the outside racing line.

Selbyg has initiative amongst the back-markers and picks up the outside racing line. Pawlak is next at 100 and takes the inside line. Blanchett sets up the inside line at 80.

Turn 3 Deadline: Wednesday, June 12th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon UTC)
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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 12 Jun 2024, 8:07 am

Note: I've updated the track with Doug's newest graphics. The +40 racing line is BLUE and the start/end points for racing lines should be clearer. Because the file is bigger, I was able to make the cars bigger. Bigger is better!

Turn 3 Summary

Herbert accelerates to 140 along the blue racing line. Collins clips a tire on the Opel red line at 100.

Hoyt clears Opel on the red at 80. Dent burns a wear at 100 on the Opel red to clear.

Koerber knocks off two wear at 120 on the red line. Hudson moves next, also at 120. He gets pushed to the outside of Opel and can hit the gas next turn. Last to move out of the three-wide is Johnson at 80. He picks up the red line.

Needham continues at 100 and has inside position on the #1. Searles finishes out Startkurve at 80.

Selbyg gets initiative at 100, shedding a wear on the outer line. Pawlak slows to 40 and stays on the inside rail to clear.

Blanchett runs the inside red line at 60 for free.

Turn 4 Deadline: Friday, June 14th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon UTC)
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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 14 Jun 2024, 6:13 am

The race sees it's first bit of damage...

Turn 4 Summary

Herbert scrapes off two tires at 100 through the Hansen line. Collins keeps the pace and also dumps two wear to clear Hansen at 100.

Hoyt uses 1s to push the engine to 140 (modified 4). He slots in on the secondary racing line. Dent, at 120, picks up the primary line.

Koerber tucks in on the #45 at 120. Hudson want to take advantage of the blue line and attempts to push his engine to 160 (natural 11). Ooof... the engine says 'NO' and he settles for 140 and a compromised engine.

Johnson gets the initiative at 80 and runs the red line for free. Needham slows to 60 and grabs the bumper on the #1.

Searles takes his 100 to the outer rail for a wear. Selbyg, also at 100, burns a wear on the red line and gains position.

Blanchett clips two tires in Opel at 120 on the outside and picks up the blue line. Pawlak sets up the Opel red line at 80.

Turn 5 Deadline: Monday, June 17th @ 8 a.m. EDT (12 noon UTC)
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