There have been some complaints about re-building teams.

1. Not filling an active roster.
2. Not meeting AB & IP minimums.

There have been more teams going all-in on rebuilding as it can lead to longer term success. There is certainly nothing wrong with that but it does lead to the above issues. So, what kind of changes would get us the best of both worlds (active rosters while rebuilding)?

1. Create minor league specific slots and set maximums on minor league players. (Mike)
2. Fine teams (next year's auction $'s) for not meeting minimums. (Freeman)

Right now, only Brent is not meeting the minimums. He is in a deep rebuild but may have some viable active players next year. Other rebuilders are closer to fielding full teams. Whatever we do, I don't want to punish teams that have already committed to a rebuild.

This is an interesting discussion on the future of the league and would like to hear your thoughts.