First off, a very big thanks to Comrade Paul for being patient as we ride this one out. Well, GM'd as always.

As for the game, let me try to remember. Early on I wanted to work with Germany instead of England, but I didn't have a great vibe from him. Still, I was able to set up a bounce in Belgium without anyone being upset about it. I was also trying to get Russia to send forces against England, which he did. Unfortunately, Germany and I started to have disagreements. Austria was roaming around Munich while simultaneously being attacked by Italy. Due to the invasion, Austria contacted me and England about teaming up. We agreed, so England and I went after Germany. I was still negotiating with Germany though, so I used this as a guise to get a fleet north in English waters. I had a plan to stab both England and Austria.

In 1903, I was set to put my stab in motion, except things between Germany and I were too far gone. He seemed geniunely pissed with me, and I felt there was no mending our differences. So, I stuck with England, and stabbed Austria. To England's credit, he didn't care about my stab of Austria, stating "he's your neighbor". Of course, around that same time, Italy changed leadership which sort of threw a kink into my plans. Despite this, England and I were able to make great strides up north. Russia slowed things down a little bit, but Germany fell pretty quickly. Austria, too, was falling, but mostly to Turkey rather than Italy and myself.

As the game went on from there, I was content to let Italy stall Turkey, and was even able to add a fleet to the cause. At this point, this was purely to keep Turkey from gaining any ground. Despite what the new leader in Italy may say, I was still on his side. I spoke to England at length about Italy many times, and always insisted on keeping him around. This remained true until about 1909. For a few seasons there was a communication breakdown between myself and Italy. In hindsight, I would say both parties share the blame, though at the time I felt it was all on Italy. England and I had things well in hand up north, and given the time limit I felt it was necessary to turn on Italy if both England and I were going to finish with a healthy amount of SC's. My stab on him ended up being more successful than it had any right to be thanks to some unexpected Turkey help. During this time, I managed to convince Austria to be my jannisary, something he proved quite useful at despite forgetting to send in orders one season.

After that, it was straight up tactics. England and I would share thoughts and we advanced as best we could. Midway through 1911, with the holidays and the end looming, I proposed to England that we end the game. He asked Turkey to eliminate Russia. I elimanated Italy, and we all agreed to call it a draw. England and I could have taken two more centers from Turkey, but that wouldn't have made much difference in the end.

Throughout the game, it always seemed to me that Turkey was doing his own thing. He played well enough, but in the end, just couldn't get a strong enough position.

Special thanks to David for not attacking me despite several opportunities. There were definitely a few seasons where I was holding my breath. It's nice to have a partner like that after so many others have ended in disaster for me. Makes me feel silly for even thinking of attacking him early on.