Dear brothers of different colors and various mothers,

Am I alone in saying that it is high time for a world variant of diplomacy right about now?

I submit that one of you should stop what you are doing and take into consideration that many of us are near madness at this point in the global shutdown.


World Domination.

In the past great men of swarthy complexion have risen up to lead us all in a myriad of world variants that have allowed us all to survive the winters.

Now more than ever, such a man (or woman) is needed desperately.

For the love of everything that is decent can someone please step forward and begin a global war?

I would do it if I knew how. But I don't. So I won't.

But I will enjoy playing at the expense of the saint who steps forward to take on such a beast of a task.

Did you know that 84% of Redscapers suffer from Season Affective Disorder? If you bothered to check the stats page you would know this. I for one am one of the ones.

Of that amount, 70% have gone on record testifying to the importance of the Diplomacy World Variant during a given winter.

So who will it be for God's sake? Who will take this opportunity to become the hero of 2021?

Who will suffer the albatross and carry us all forward over the bridge of winter's despair?

Who will we sing songs about?

Who will be entered into the Redscape Patheon? At this critical time in human history?

Someone! Anyone!

Don't you dare do this for me. Do this for you! Do it for your fellow man (or woman)!

Do this because it is the right thing to do!

Please God listen to me. You know who you are! Now rise! Type the words that more than 800 of us long to see. No sir, (or madam), that demand to see!

"Let it begin with me. I __________ (name) hearby solemly swear that I ____________(name again) shall rise up and instigate a world war during this depressing Covid 19 shutdown, the likes of which have not been seen in over a year! I shall be the GM. I shall make sacrifices so that others, who in truth are less than me, may survive this dreadful winter. I ___________ (name again) have spoken!"

St. Francis, lover of war, bless this man (or woman!)

What say you Redscaper?! You know it must be you! Draw the sword from the stone man! or woman!

(fine print - do not relegate this post to another cemetery category on redscape because it's not political enough. This is the only active bulletin board and this plea is political. The far left cry out for war and the far right will respond. The far out shall win the war and the Farside is still relevant!