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Post 15 Oct 2020, 7:58 am

What happens when a New Hampshire town gets taken over by Libertarians, and they try to deal with a bear problem?

The Town That Went Feral

Grappling with what to do about the bears, the Graftonites also wrestled with the arguments of certain libertarians who questioned whether they should do anything at all—especially since several of the town residents had taken to feeding the bears, more or less just because they could. One woman, who prudently chose to remain anonymous save for the sobriquet “Doughnut Lady,” revealed to Hongoltz-Hetling that she had taken to welcoming bears on her property for regular feasts of grain topped with sugared doughnuts. If those same bears showed up on someone else’s lawn expecting similar treatment, that wasn’t her problem. The bears, for their part, were left to navigate the mixed messages sent by humans who alternately threw firecrackers and pastries at them. Such are the paradoxes of Freedom. Some people just “don’t get the responsibility side of being libertarians,” Rosalie Babiarz tells Hongoltz-Hetling
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Post 16 Oct 2020, 7:56 am

I am also reminded of this town in Texas, which didn't have bears (just stray dogs and no cops)

The Rise and Fall of the Freest Little City in Texas
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Post 18 Oct 2020, 9:43 am

Gives new meaning to N.I.M.B.Y. Of course your backyard I am good with...

Bear#1: "Eating is good in Grafton. Over there you got your chocolate doughnuts. In that house, the gar-bage is quite tasty...
Bear#2: "Do you eat the humans?"
Bear#1: "Not if they deliver some kind of food offering.
We're not savages, you know? But if they insist on hogging their food...bear gotta eat!"
Bear#2: (nodding). "Bear gotta eat. The First Rule of Bears..."

You have to wonder how such an absurd notion as libertarianism ever got started. I mean, how does life look around the world where there isnt a strong government? Pretty awful. Of course there is always a tension with human beings --especially men-having to exist in a rule-bound society, doing stuff we dont particularly want to do. But the root of civilization is "'civilized" and life is pretty grim and "uncivil" when there is no government and we have to fend off other people. We trade a loss of a certain amount of our freedom for security and a stable food supply and hopefully a congenial life. But the irritations of civilization life cause us to dream of an end to civilization in a zombie apocalypse where only the strong (us of course) survive (and thrive)...