I was unlucky to win this. Not with die rolls but with other's decisions/results that turned out helping me.

My original plan was to start mid pack. After seeing the other set ups I knew the bidding would be heavy for the pole and I decided to try a run from the back approach. I knew I would make up some ground with my 100 start speed.

Turn 1: The first thing that helped me was Doug's mis-shift. It got me around him and allowed me to get the red arrow on turn 2.

Turn 2: I thought Brent would be on the green arrow so I slowed to be behind him. When Kevin spun I switch to the red arrow since he would be blocking the green. Then Russ entered the corner reducing congestion once again.

Turn 3: Finding room to get through.

Turn 4-5: Getting inside Brent then stuffing him in the corner. I thought he would go 100 on turn 5.

Turn 7-8: Getting to corners 8/10 on the line and uncontested.

I was pretty happy to be solidly in third at this point.

When Russ withdrew, that helped me . Otherwise he may have been in my way going into corner 1.

Finally, had Mike not damaged his top speed I don't think I would have caught him.

Indianapolis is a tough track. There are 3-4 complex corners. 1, 7, 8-10. Also 13 can be tricky to pick the best lane.