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Post 10 Jan 2022, 7:28 am

Builds are in!

Start Bid Deadline: Wednesday, January 12th @ 7 a.m. EST
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Post 12 Jan 2022, 6:55 am

No discounts for the front row!

Row 1: Miller (7.5), Rund (7.0)
Row 2: Welage (4.5), Swaine (4.5)
Row 3: Long (3.5), Fritz (3.0)
Row 4: Beckman (2.0), Schultz (1.0)
Row 5: Peeples (1.0), Puddifoot (0.5)
Row 6: Rae (0.0), Baker (0.0)

Turn 1 Deadline: Friday, January 14th @ 7 a.m. EST (12 noon UTC)
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Post 14 Jan 2022, 7:32 am

Looks like we got all the good dice out of the way for this race. Just sayin...

Turn 1 Summary

Row 1: Both Miller and Rund roar across the line as the green flag drops. Miller pushes to 120 w/ 2s (modified 2) as does Rund (modified 4).

Row 2: Welage and Swaine lose pace but both succeed in pushing the engines. Welage uses his big chip (modified 4) while Swaine drops 2s (modified 1).

Row 3: Long stays on the bumper of the M&M's car at 80, using 2s (modified 5). Fritz eases into the race at 20.

Row 4: Beckman gets the high roll of the day at 80 w/ 2s (modified 7). Schultz slides over one lane at 20 to pick up the bumper on the #24.

Row 5: Peeples passes some traffic at 100. Puddifoot gets into the conga line of slower cars at 20.

Row 6: Baker pushes his way out of the last grid spot at 80, using 2s (modified 4). Rae is the last car to move, using 2s to hit 40 (modified 5).

Turn 2 Deadline: Monday, January 17th @ 7 a.m. EST (12 noon UTC)
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Post 17 Jan 2022, 8:01 am

The chase pack is stacked & packed in front of Earste!

Turn 3 Summary

Miller runs the Earste line at 140 and is the first to leave wear on the track. Rund gets pushed to the outer rail at 140. He drops two tires and pulls into the wake of the orange machine.

At 140, Welage grabs the line for Earste. Swaine, also at 140, slides down to the inner rail.

Long makes use of the run-off lane at 140 and the bonus. This will be interesting...

Peeples has the initiative at 160. He sets up Earste on the line. Beckman, at 140 and the bonus, maintains the inside position.

Baker breaks out of the secondary chase pack at 140. Fritz mashes the gas pedal and hits 100 on the speedometer.

Also at 100, Schultz grabs onto the bumper of the NAPA Chevy.

A friendly tussle between our Canadian friends as Rae and Puddifoot trade paint down the straight at 100.

Turn 3 Deadline: Wednesday, January 19th @ 7 a.m. EST (12 noon UTC)

My last day of winter break - adjudications should run closer to the deadline going forward.
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Post 19 Jan 2022, 5:46 am

The back-markers set up in front of the first corner...

Turn 3 Summary

Miller clears Sterrenwchtbocht (say what?) at 100 for a wear. Rund dives into the corner and knocks down a wear at 120 on the outer rail.

Welage has the initiative at 140. He punches through Earste on the outside for 2 wear. Long is next at 120. He clips a tire as he also goes outside. Swaine goes last out of the row at 100, outside for free.

Beckman, at 100 eases around Earste on the outer rail for free, ending inside. Peeples blows Jack a kiss as he runs the Earste line at 100 and gets the cherry on top w/ the bonus.

Baker clears Earste on the line at 100 at no cost.

Fritz grabs the Earste line at 120. Schultz pulls up on the inside at 140.

Rae slams the gas pedal, hits 160, and finds the open run-off lane. Puddifoot, at 140, eschews the line and tucks in behind the #15.

Turn 4 Deadline: Friday, January 21st @ 7 a.m. EST (12 noon UTC)
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Post 21 Jan 2022, 8:48 am

Friendly racing so far...

Turn 4 Summary

Miller stays at the 120 speed limit through Kanaalbocht. Rund continues at 120 and re-attaches to the bumper of the #99.

Welage wants to be part of the breakaway group. He sheds two tires at 120 on the inner rail of Sterrenwachtbocht before pulling into the exhaust of the #64.

Long rounds Sterrenwachtbocht on the outside for free at 100 and picks up the bonus from Welage. Peeples follows the #1 Chevy at 100 and tucks in behind.

Swaine goes outer rail for free at 100. Beckman burns two wear at 120 on the inside and picks up a position.

Baker knocks down two wear at 120 as he flies into Sterrenwachtbocht on the inside.

Schultz conserves wear on the outside of Earste at 100. Fritz pulls in front of the #15 at 100 via the racing line. Rae goes outer rail at 100 for free.

Puddifoot brings up the rear at 100.

Turn 5 Deadline: Monday, January 24th @ 7 a.m. EST (12 noon UTC)
Trigger option in effect: Early adjudication possible if all plots are in.
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Post 23 Jan 2022, 9:09 am

The 4th corner of the track is named after Belgian driver, Lucien Bianchi. Bianchi died at the young age of 35 in 1969. Most of his success came at the 24 Hours of Le Mans races. HIs #9 Ford GT40 is shown below (co-driven with Pedro Rodriguez).


Going forward, I will the use the English translation of the track names. Bocht means bend, btw.

Turn 5 Summary

Miller clears Bianchi on the line at 120. At a cost of one wear, he is clear to breakaway next turn.

Rund follows the #99 through the corner at 100 and the bonus. Welage loses pace at 100 as he sets up the Bianchi line.

Long runs the Channel bend at 120 for free.

Beckman gets the initiative at 140 and scrubs a wear in the Channel. Peeples keeps his position behind the McD's Chevy at 120.

Swaine plots 160 but that dog won't hunt. He late brakes to 140 before Channel for one wear and gets docked another for the corner.

Baker is through Channel at 120. Fritz goes outer rail in the Observatory corner at 100 for free.

Schultz clips a tire in Observatory at 100 via the inside. Rae uses Plan B and goes outer rail at 100.

Puddifoot drops a wear in the Observatory 80's at 100 and moves out of last place.

Turn 6 Deadline: Wednesday, January 26th @ 7 a.m. EST (12 noon UTC)
The trigger option will remain in effect for the duration of the race.
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Post 24 Jan 2022, 3:48 pm

Some aggressive racing out there... this observer is pleased!

Turn 6 Summary

Miller stakes out a big lead at 140. Rund is stuck at 100 and loses pace.

Welage eases his way around Bianchi on the line at 100 for free.

Beckman grabs the initiative and another position at 120. He takes the line to challenge the M&M's Toyota. Long, at 100, is on the line and pulls into the exhaust of the aforementioned Toyota.

Swaine goes big at 140 for the initiative - with the line blocked, he careens around the outside for two wear and moves up two positions. [edited]Peeples plots 120 then late brakes with 1s (modified 8). He takes the line for free. (note: I will adjust the wear & skill count in the next turn).

Baker is in a pocket of clean air as he enters Bianchi at 100 for free.

Fritz, Schultz, Puddifoot, and Rae scoot through the Channel at 120 as a single block of cars. Looks like NASCAR to me...

Turn 7 Deadline: Thursday, January 26th @ 7 a.m. EST
Trigger option in effect.
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Post 25 Jan 2022, 12:05 pm

The leader spits on the chicane. The chase pack creates... a bar chart?!

Turn 7 Summary

Miller really wants some space. He hits 120 and dives into the Little Chicane for 2 wear and his big chip (modified 2). Rund leads the charge for the chase pack at 140.

Welage tucks in on the blue Toyota at 160. Beckman falls in line at 140.

Long bounds down the back-straight at 160 and gets his 2nd bonus of the race from the #18. Swaine pulls up next to the blue Plymouth at 160.

Peeples makes it three-wide at 160 and the bonus.

Baker is out on the straight at 100 and may feel a bit threatened from behind.

Fritz opts to go outer rail at 120 for a wear... interesting choice. Schultz runs the line at 120 for a wear and dives in front of the blue Chevy.

Rae gets the initiative at 120 to clear the Bianchi racing line for a wear. He clears but has no space to use the bonus. At 100, Puddifoot cedes his position and gets hung in the corner.

Turn 8 Deadline: Friday, January 28th @ 7 a.m. EST
Trigger option in effect.
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Post 26 Jan 2022, 12:06 pm

So it seems the 'Little' Chicane had been renamed the Thierry Boutsen Chicane several years ago. Here's Thierry driving his Arrows-BMW up what appears to be Sacrament Hill with the chicane behind him.


Turns like this always bring me back to an old military phrase as quoted by Brad Bauska... "stuffing 10 pounds of shit into a 5-pound bag."

Turn 8 Results

Miller makes his way up Sacrament Hill towards Butte at 120.

Rund slows to 80 and weaves through the Boutsen Chicane for a wear.

Welage, at 100 clips two tires in the chicane. Long has no place to put his Chevy at 100 - he late brakes to 80 (1w) and drops another wear to clear.

Beckman plots 120 before late-braking with 1s (modified 4). He burns 2 wear in the chicane and finds the exit row. Swaine also plots 120 and really has no place to go. He slams on the brakes with 1s (modified 5) and 1 wear and drops into the chicane at 80 for another wear. Peeples finds himself in the same predicament after plotting 120. He also passes his brake test with 1s (modified 4) and drops two wear, one for the braking and the other for Boutsen.

Baker flies down the straight towards Boutsen at 160. Schultz keeps the pace at 160, wondering what all that smoke is about up ahead.

Fritz drops the hammer to push to 200 (natural 5) and the fans go crazy! He finds a hole between the two Chevys. Rae picks up the tail end of the conga line at 160.

Puddifoot falls behind at 100 but at least he won't have shove his car into a 5-pound bag!

Turn 9 Deadline: Saturday, January 29th @ 7 a.m. EST
Trigger option in effect.
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Post 27 Jan 2022, 7:10 am

It is just after Butte where Gilles Villeneuve lost his life in 1982. He ran into the back of Jochen Mass during a qualifier, somersaulted his car, and was thrown from the car into the fencing at the Terlamen Corner.

The Boutsen Chicane separates the chase pack...

Turn 9 Summary

Miller is over the crest at Butte and sets up Terlamen on the line.

Welage gets the initiative at 160 to move into 2nd. Rund tops out at 140 and tucks in on the #18.

Long, at 140 and the bonus (3rd from Welage!), slides in next to the #64. Beckman pulls into the exhaust of the red machine at 140 with no place to use the bonus.

Swaine and Peeples finish out the chicane at 80 to start the climb up Sacrament Hill.

Baker over-brakes to 100 with 1s (modified 7). He bumps into some traffic after shedding two wear. Fritz plots 120 (Schultz cheers) before late braking to 100 (natural 4). He stays on the bumper of the #00 and also expends two wear.

Schultz, at 80 and with the gift from Brent, clears the Boutsen for a wear. Rae drops two wear in the chicane but can't quite get to the exit row at 100.

Puddifoot runs up to the chicane at 160 to close the gap.

Turn 10 Deadline: Saturday, January 29th @ 7 a.m. EST
Trigger option in effect.
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Post 28 Jan 2022, 11:51 am

Villeneuve's crash was an unfortunate incident - Gilles was on his last qualifying lap and really pushing the car hard. As he came over the rise at Butte, he sees the slower moving Mass and attempts to move right to get around him. Mass, seeing the Ferrari in his mirror, was also moving right to get out of the way. An investigation exonerated Mass from any responsibility for the accident. It was concluded that Villeneuve erred by not staying on his line.

Turn 10 Summary

Miller is through Terlamen at 120 and extends his lead.

Welage slows to 100 and cuts through the inside for free. Rund completes the Terlamen line at 120 to find himself on the left panel of the #18.

Long uses the outer rail at 120 before tucking in on the blue Toyota. Beckman gains a position via the racing line at 120.

Swaine and Peeples drag race over the Butte crest at 160, each using 1s on the test (modified 2 & 6 respectively).

Baker keeps up at 160 and snags the bumper on the red Chevy. Fritz, also at 160, gains a bonus space to pull even with the double-zeroes.

Schultz, at 160 and a slip, keeps the pace.

Rae starts his way up Sacrament Hill at 100. Puddifoot loses pace at 80 but only expends one tire in the chicane.

Turn 11 Deadline: Monday, January 31st @ 7 a.m. EST
Trigger option in effect.
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Post 29 Jan 2022, 9:32 pm

Turn 11 Summary

Miller leaves a few horses in the barn at 120. That hairpin looks nasty...

Welage burns a wear at 140 in the Terlamen 120's. Rund goes inside at 120 for free.

Long has the initiative at 140. He goes outer rail for free. Beckman, at 120 and the bonus, pulls up alongside the #64.

Swaine gets the initiative at 140. He late brakes w/ 1s (modified 2) and rolls through Terlamen on the line / inside. Peeples, at 120, goes outer rail in Terlamen A then inside in B.

Baker drops a wear on the Terlamen line at 140 followed by the outer rail. Fritz runs the line at 120 for free.

Schultz eases through Terlamen at 100.

Rae and Puddifoot top the crest at Butte at 160 each.

Turn 12 Summary: Tuesday, February 1st @ 7 a.m. EST
Trigger option in effect.
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Post 31 Jan 2022, 6:06 am

More brake lights...

Turn 12 Summary

Miller slows to 80, rounding the Bolderberg hairpin on the line for 2 wear. Welage approaches the hairpin on the line at 100.

Rund plots 140 before braking down to 120 with a wear. He goes inside of the #18. Beckman has the same idea but gets shut out. He has to late brake to 100, with 1 skill and 1 wear (modified 2).

Long slides inside of the Pontiac at 120. Swaine comes in hot at 160 but can't use it all. He brakes to 140 with a wear.

Baker flies out of Terlamen at 140. Peeples tucks in on bumper of the #00 at 120.

Fritz misses a chance to accelerate and stays at 120. Schultz rounds Terlamen on the inside rail at 120.

Rae is through both pieces of Terlamen at 120. Puddifoot is one space short of completing the Terlamen complex, also at 120.

Turn 13 Deadline: Wednesday, February 2nd @ 7 a.m. EST
Trigger option in effect.
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Post 01 Feb 2022, 5:58 am

The little kink past the hairpin is named after Jochen Rindt. Rindt is the only F1 driver to have his championship conferred posthumously. He died in a crash at Monza late in the 1970 season with a good lead in the standings. Rindt was a very successful F2 driver and, I believe, is where he picked up the moniker King of Zolder.

Turn 13 Summary

Miller creates space again at 120.

Rund clips two tires at 80 on the outer rail of the hairpin before squatting on the line. Welage also drops two wear, forced to go to the outside at 80.

Long, at 80, follows the trend and burns two wear on the outside. Beckman's 60 takes him outside for a wear.

Swaine over-brakes to 60 with 1s (modified 3) and is pleased to find an open line, a rarity this turn. Baker plots 100 before late braking to 80 with wear. He tosses in two more as he dives into the hairpin.

Peeples, anticipating a cluster-%^&*, slows to 60, opting for the inside lane.

Fritz finds an open racing line at 80. Schultz is boxed out at 80. He uses 1s to late brake to 60 (modified 7).

Rae is back in the traffic at 120. Puddifoot clears Terlamen at 120.

Turn 14 Deadline: Thursday, February 3rd @ 7 a.m. EST
Trigger option in effect.
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