Turn 40.jpg

James gets the initiative at 120 and takes the long way around and blocks the arrow.
Jason elects to late break with his wearn and a roll and is successful.
Chris late breaks onto the arrow. Jack late breaks inside Chris.
Michael sheds a wear in the Big bend and Jim sheds two.

Turn 41.jpg

Congratulations James for a hard fought and well deserved win!
Jason crosses for second.
Jack has the initiative at 60. He rolls a chance on the 40. He spins.
Chris goes around Jack to the inside lane.
Michael speeds through next to Chris.
Jim is through the Big Bend.

Turn 42.jpg

Michael pushes his car to 180 and late breaks as he goes into the first corner for third place.
Chris pushes acceleration the late breaks before the corner. He passes both.
Jim speeds through the 90 at 100.
Jack gets his car turn around.

The last two cars will finish in this order so the race is called.


1. James B
2. Jason S
3. Michael L
4. Chris K
5. Jim M
6. Jack B