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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 20 Nov 2021, 10:14 am

My thoughts / comments:

I liked my car. The 20 - 20 only works if you balance the knife-edge -- and only one can possibly be successful. We saw how Stephen and Doug couldn't co-exist.
Blowing my start roll with boxcars put a dent in my strategy! <I actually came into the race with a strategy, this time.> Then I had to scramble to not fall hopelessly behind (because I didn't have the car to survive a fight). Used 7W on Lap 1 instead of 6, violating my plan.
I goofed on T7, should have gone 140 not 160, it USELESSLY cost me 2 skill to then slow down. Pure blunder. Angry at myself.
Survived my TWO chance rolls, each with a red chip. Last race I made 3 of them? My luck will run out at some point (unless those boxcars evened things out?)
T28 made a mistake again, should have gone 140. The next two moves I would have spent the same W, but been 2 or 3 spaces further advanced. Dumb -- purely bad tactics on my part. In fact I might have finished second other than for this mistake of mine.
<<Doug was gone, I don't think I or anyone could catch him>>
Kevin out-guessed me going into T3 on Lap 4 -- or I out-guessed myself. That was expensive, an extra W and a naked LB to get down to 120. Dice on braking wasn't attractive, lest I then have Zero brakes, but neither was spending 2w merely to decel.
My strategy for wear usage was 6 / lap, using 2 each on corners 3, 5, and 6. It went reasonably well, had to use 7 on Lap 1, but then stayed on budget.

Congrats especially to Mike for a great run with the car he damaged on T16 (one-third into the race). You guys are powerful competitors.
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NASCAR Driver (Pro V)
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Post 23 Nov 2021, 7:44 pm

Congratulations, Doug, on a perfectly executed race!

Doug & Stephen with 20/20 cars? I don't have that kind of moxie. With no time to really dig in, I ran one practice lap to see if I could use my preferred 'run-from-behind' strategy. It seemed doable with a 60/60/160 but then I realized I could get away with 40 brakes and up my top to 180. Yee ha!

Zero (I beat Brent out on the dice roll).

Lap 1
Without a race plan, I figured to hang in the back, save some wear and, at some point, figure out when to push the 'GO' button. Brent pulling ahead of me was a good thing... or was it? By turn 9, I was on Chris' tailpipe but all good so far.

Lap 2
Those 140 engines start popping, leaving car parts on the track. The dice turn on me too: Brake damage on Turn 16. Blech. This is why I hate 40 brakes - going down to 20 seems next to impossible. But then again, some drivers chose 20 - maybe there's a way to do this. Losing Brent to a spin back on 16 and Chris blowing his engine on 18 provides plenty of breathing room.

Lap 3
This lap is all about efficiency - job accomplished. I'm a bit annoyed I can't really use the big engine with the busted brakes, though.

Lap 4
Oooh, I CAN use my big engine (T34). Turn 35 is where I go for broke - a 2 skill chance roll. I know I'll lose a space with the blocked track but I need to clear the corner next turn. A few turns later, I muscle my way past Kevin & Rando with my wear advantage. My biggest danger is the two naked brake rolls. I survive and somehow make it into 2nd place.

I really had a blast with this one, even with the busted up brakes. You're a great group to race with, fellas, and it's always a pleasure to chat with you, Jason (he popped in to observe).

See y'all out west in December!