Hey All,

As we close on 2 weeks until the first race of the tournament, we now have the field ready to go!

Cars are as follows
William Kennard - Teal/Green (Modeled after the March 881)
Russell Harley - Yellow/Black (Modeled after the Renault R.S20)
Kathryn Harley - Green (Modled after the Jordan 191)
Jack Beckman - Red (Modeled after a Ferrari...you'll have to let me know which if someone knows ^^;)
Robert Rund - Yellow/Red/Black
Don Tatum - Pink (Solid)
Chris Long - Brown (Solid)
Phil Walling - Blue (Solid)

A image of the field is included with the email.

With that said, as we are closing on time, there is now a build deadline. Builds are due by Noontime Eastern on Monday, September 6th. From there, builds will be reported, and Bids will be due at Noontime Eastern on Wendesday, September 8th.

Builds are to be submitted to jim407233@gmail.com, NOT me.

With that said, good luck to all!