Forgive me in advance if my narrative comments are overly centered on my car, the green Doom-buggy. I relate the story as I know it.

T1 And they're off! 4 skill spend between 3 jump start speed rolls. All were successful.

T2 Jason successfully gooses his speed to 140 by testing his accel with 1 skill. Rando is tail-end Charlie even with a slip.

T3 All cars but Rando are through or well into the complex corner 1. 3 cars ready to accelerate. Michael is spending no W at a modest 80.

T4: Rando didn't anticipate Michael slowing to 60, must spend W for 80 then late brake to 60. Ugh!

T5: Robert 2W to stay well in the lead (and not offer any slip next move).

T6: 3-wide in the back of the pack, all over a full move behind the leader.

T7: Leader Robert screams through the corner at 120 (2W). Jason in 2nd goes safety speed in that corner, neatly stuffing Heinz (who was mildly dismayed). From the back, plots of 160 and 160 (LB to 140) leave James at 120 wondering how he fell to last place.

T8: Robert at 100 drops 2 more W in the next corner complex. In the back, Rando goes slower than safety speed spending skill to do it. It was a mistake, I apologized then and apologize again here. Sorry, James. :(

T9: Robert is well clear of the corner and on the main straight. Jason clears it. Three approach it, and James is determined to regain lost ground.

T10: Robert and Jason are screaming down the main straight. 3 are exiting that corner complex and James has entered it at 100.

T11: Robert approaching the second slow hairpin, the field stretched out behind him.

T12: Robert is through the hairpin w/ 2WAll others at 160. No 180 attempts (yet).

T13: Robert looking to finish Lap 1. Jason is through the hairpin with a wear-conserving 60. . James about to be back in touch with the chasers.

T14: We are on Lap 2 (despite the tardy Lap indicator).
In current standings order, wear spent since the start (and remaining) at this point of the race:
Robert 10 - 7
Jason 5 - 13
Heinz 6 - 11
Rando 5 - 16
James 6 - 15
Michael 6 - 12

T15: The whole field is on the front straight. James at 120 with a slip has escaped the basement.

T16: Robert is through Corner 1.

T17: Jason's through Corner 1.

T18: James through the corner for 3W and 2skill with an exciting forced pass through Heinz. Rando is now behind him but for merely 1W. Michael didn't clear the corner, that can't be good.

T19: This screen grab went missing, dang it!

T20: Robert is through Corner 4, Jason is still chasing, and three cars are through the first hairpin. Michael is a full move behind dues to his unfortunate slowness in Corner 1.

T21: Robert is a full move ahead of Jason, who is a full move ahead of the chasing 3, who are a full move ahead of Michael if he lights his jets.

T22: James didn't stick Rando to return last lap's dastardly doing.

T23: Three chasers are 3-wide.

T24: Robert with a large lead -- can he make it hold up? The chasing pack of 3 is onto the long back straight.

T25: Robert is thinking of Lap 3. At the other end, Michael is seriously conserving wear (and going slowly).

T26: Robert is through the hairpin, down to speed 60, spending no W (4 remaining).

T27: Jason is through the hairpin, spending 2W. 3 more about to turn that corner -- safely?

T28: Drama! Robert is on the final lap. Jason spends 2 more W, 160 thru the 100 (on the line) chasing Robert. In the peleton, Heinz and James lollygag at 60. Rando decides that it's now or never for a double pass, so he spends 2W and a chance at 100 thru the 40 (line is blocked). With an adjusted 5, the chance is successful, and Rando's in 3rd with a lot of momentum.

Beginning Lap 3, in current standings order, wear spent on lap2 - and remaining at this point of the race:
Robert 3 - 4
Jason 8 - 5
Rando 5 - 11
Heinz 7 - 4
James 5 - 10
Michael 0 - 12 <<wow -- Michael spent no W during this lap>>

T29: Jason is almost in touch with Robert... almost. Meanwhile Rando uses his big momentum (and 2W) to stay well clear of his chasers.
NOTE: top 3 qualify for the afternoon's championship race, plus the fastest 4th place finisher from the 3 heats being run simultaneously.

T30: Robert and Jason through corner 1. Rando tests top to gain a bit on his chasers. Michael loosens the purse strings and spends 2W.

T31: Robert and Jason are dueling at the front.

T32: Robert and Jason still dueling. Rando one move behind. James and Heinz one move behind him. James spent 2W in corner 1 while Heinz got through free.

T33: Robert up front nerfs his brakes while jamming Jason.

T34: Robert creates separation from Jason (or is about to...)

T35: Jason's brief stay in "corner jail" is enough to put Robert well ahead. Just behind Jason is Rando (with a lot more W).

T36: Robert is though the complex corner (spending his last W). Rando is 3 spaces back with 5W and an undamaged car. Jason can't stop Rando, apparently will settle for 3rd (and qualifying).

T37: Robert flogs his car (successful accel roll). Rando still with 3 wear -- can he catch Robert?

T38: Rando plots 180 w/ naked accel & top rolls -- and flubs the first one with an 11. Won't be catching Robert. Robert heaves a sigh of relief. I was thinking that catching Robert would be fun -- but it wasn't essential for qualifying. Now that my car is damaged, just get it across the finish line in the top 3. Meanwhile James is now a full move ahead of Heinz (who spun trying to keep up with the James's), and has Jason in his sights to contest the last qualifying spot...

T39: Robert is preparing for the corner at 60. Rando and Jason are coming hard, but probably won't catch him. Jason has enjoyed the tow on this straight with consecutive slips. James is charging hard one move back.

T40: Robert won't be caught, he's ready to accelerate. Rando & Jason approaching the hairpin, and James closing at high speed.

T41: Robert is uncatchable. Rando STILL has 1 W remaining after spending 2 at 100 in the hairpin. Jason goes around the outside, and suddenly James looms in his rear-view. James spent 3 -- 1 to decel, then 2 at 100. Heinz and Michael are duking it out for pride.

T42: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Congrats Robert! A very well run race. Rando is lined up for an uncontested 2nd next move. Jason spends his last W at 140, James spent his last 2 to go 160. it's going to be a dice-off... In the back Michael is decisively ahead of Heinz thanks to 2W and a 3-skill chip (was that a chance roll?)

T43: Rando grabs that second. Jason and James each plot 180. Jason rolls first -- and makes it. James then rolls -- also makes it. Jason earns the qualifying spot by a whisker. Well done, Jason! James's official "time" in 4th place is 43 moves, crossing plus 4 spaces.

T44: Michael is across.

That's it, folks. But wait -- there's more!
Turns out that James's time was enough to qualify for the finals. So it was the not end of his racing day. Congrats, James. We would "see you" just over an hour later (in a different race blog).