Group 3 // Heat 3.
A formidable if small field of 7 racers:
Me (Rando)
James Benham
Tim Baker
Robert Rund
Heinz McDurgen
Michael Lind
Jason Schultz

The track: Shanghai

Shanghai TTS - neon green.png

Tim had too much on his plate for Saturday so reluctantly bowed out.
Turns out 60 - 60 - 160 - 60 was extremely popular!
Mine was the only start speed 20. Would I be left at the altar so to speak, never to catch up?

Friday we got the start position bids.
Build & Bid Worksheet Pic.jpg

Quick text recap for those uninterested in the graphic (Tiebreaks in parenthesis):
Robert 7.0
Heinz 5.0 (72)
Jason 5.0 (19)
Michael 1.5
Rando 0.5 (93)
James 0.5 (33)

Here's a graphic of the start grid. I got lucky that my half-point bid kept me out of the final start spot. :
Start Grid Close-up.png

And a full track map with the field in their start grid. Thanks Mike Polcen for building us a version with muted green instead of neon green background:
Shanghai Track Map.png