The rules in use for this race:

1. No dice rolls... period.
2. Skill will be used in lieu of dice rolls with automatic success.
3. The three-skill chip is not longer used and is converted into three single chips.
4. Skill costs

    a. Attributes
      +20 Acc (2 skill)
      +20 Top (2 skill)
      +20 Brakes (2 skill)
      +20 Start (3 skill)
    Limit of one expenditure per attribute, per turn. May be combined except start speed.

    b. Cornering
      +20 Corner speed (5 skill)
    Limit of one expenditure per turn. May be combined with attributes above

    c. Passing
      Forced pass (3 skill)
      Block (2 skill) will cause the 'attacker' to spend an additional 2 skill.
        The intention to block MUST be indicated in a plot or set as a default. This will not be public prior to plotting (unless you announce it) but will be known to the driver prior to executing the maneuver. In other words, an ordered forced pass could be conditional on having an unblocked path.
      Challenge passing (1 skill)
        Per Don's rules below

Challenge Passing

For all practical purposes, a Challenge Pass simply creates a temporary third lane.

Challenge passing is a two-turn process, unlike a Forced Pass which is done in a single turn. To initiate a Challenge Pass, a car must have just enough speed to move up to a row of two abreast cars and create a three abreast situation in the two lanes. The challenging car pays one skill to move in between two other cars. If the one skill cannot be paid, then the challenger must pay one wear or late brake.

The challenging car is placed on the lane divider between the two cars who were there first. On the next turn, the challenging car is considered to be the 'outside' car (lowest priority) in determining which cars move first if identical speeds are posted.

Then on its next turn, in order to finish the attempted pass, it MUST post a higher speed than at least one of the two cars it is now abreast with, or it must move last just as if it was on the outside of three lanes.

This ‘slot’ car pass can be done in a corner if the corner has evenly lined up leading edge abreast spaces (not staggered spaces), but NOT using an arrow/line of course.

If the track is three lanes wide, then two challenge pass cars can move up into the ‘slots’, putting five cars abreast on the next turn. The inside challenge car has the move advantage over the outside challenge car if both post the same speed.

A car may repeatedly attempt a challenge pass on consecutive turns as long as it can pay the cost.

A car successfully completing a Forced Pass could immediately enter a Challenge Pass situation with the next rank of abreast cars.