Hey all,

So I should of done this earlier, but its time to set for the final race of the season. The final race of the Circuit for the Season is the site of the City course of the Azerbaijan GP, Baku! It is a track of sharp turns and long straight...and of course a 1 lane bridge!

Some other quick news and notes:
1. After thinking about it, I am going to make a slight change to my Action Nomenclature. Instead of ending the wear cost after a comma for a turn, I will instead be putting the wear in prenthenses behind the Turn note. So for expable "60 RA, 1W '', it will become "60 RA(1W).

2. Note that due to the situation that occurred at the end of C1, the based relegation for C3 for the season was 5. So due to this and Jerome having resigned from play, there will be 4 Relegrations at the end of the season, meaning 4 will be promoted, 3 will stay and 4 will be relegrated.