Hello there fellow Redscapers! My brothers of other mothers and various colors!

For the love of Jesus on a bike, will one of you eggheads on Redscape please organize another World Variant and soon?

If ever there was a time to do so it's now, while the entire world is shutdown and miserable.

Please help the rest of us get through what's sure to be a dreary and uninspiring winter.

Whoever you are, and you know who you, are I make the following promises:

1. If you host a world variant, I will buy you my favorite bottle of wine and have it shipped directly to your house.

2. If I win, I will ship you 2 bottles of said wine.

3. If I lose but still have fun, I will add you to my list of people I pray for.

4. If I get stuck with a terrible country I will pray against you.

5. If you host the variant and forget to invite me to sign up and I miss out on it, I will purchase a voodoo doll of you and pin it to my dart board.

(Favorite vino = Joseph Phelps)

Should anyone else agree with my suggestion please weigh in. Not on the suggestion of wine but the idea in general.

In the meantime for those of you considering my request, ney, my DEMANDS, read on...

Imagine going down in the Redscape annals as the man (or woman) who got us through the worldwide Covid 19 shutdown when everyone was at wits end!.

Imagine that kind of glory!

Imagine the songs we shall sing about you!

Imagine the admiration!

Imagine the fame!

Imagine the wine, women and song. Or men should you be so inclined!

Imagine the fun!

Imagine saving the planet!

Imagine this happening all over the world when you finally decide to commit to this....