The Sunday Fall Squall 2020 Series ended with an exciting race, with the winner determined on the final turn!

The starting grid:


Will rockets off at 120; everyone but Rob and Jack push their start.


By turn 8 Will was still out front, with the rest of the pack bunched up in the West Horsehoe.


Rob finally get to use his big motor on turn 11 to close the gap with Will at 180 - and with no one close enough to get those big slips!


And as we finish lap 1, Will is still holding the lead - but another burst of 180 from Rob has him right on Will’s rear wing. Jack is in 3rd, Phil in 4th, Dave 5th, Jeff 6th and Don 7th. But Don’s big Acc/Dec have allowed him to spend very little wear compared to the rest of the field.


Rob goes inside of Will at Corner 1 to take over P1.


But by the time we’re through the International Horseshoe, Will is back to P1.


On Turn 23, Jack makes a bid for P2 - but instead spins in Out corner of the infield.


Rob is once again on Wills rear wing thanks to the big motor. Dave and Phil are neck and neck, battling for P3.


On the front straight, Rob’s motor once again puts him into P1 as lap 2 ends. Will is P2, Phil P3, Jack P4, Dave P5, Don P6 and Jeff P7.


But Will takes back the lead on the In corner to the infield.


With the West Horseshoe blocked for Don’s attempt to go through at 100, he decides to go to the inside in a bid to pass two cars and move in P4 - but instead he spins and retires from the race (his position in the finals was already secured, so this race could be Don’s throwaway).


Next turn, Jack decides to try a naked Chance in the same corner he spun at on Lap1 to pull into P3 - and succeeds.


Jack spends his lat wear in the 140 corner to be able to come out ahead of Rob next turn…


But fails an attempted 180 top and damages his engine.

Coming into the chicane, Jack rolls another naked chance to hang on to P2…and slides through OK.


Four of the remaining six cars are bunched up in the final corner, with Will inside of Jack at the end of the corner and Rob inside of Phil just behind.


But Will attempts a Top test to 160 - and fails, leaving him even with Jack and Phil, who comes up on the outside at 160 - and with a Top of 160 for next turn. Rob pulls behind Phil, the car with the highest Top (and not damaged!).


Phil pushes for 180 - and makes it, taking home the win!

Jack attempts 160 to get P3 - and fails, his car rolling just short of the finish line for a DNF.

Will makes his roll for 140, getting him P3 - because Rob pushed to 200 to claim P2! Dave comes home P4 next turn and Jeff P5 shortly thereafter.


Don and Rob go off to the finals as the 1-2 finishers, and Phil ties Jack for points - but with his win, goes to the final with the tiebreaker (best finish in any race).

Good luck to our Sunday finalists in the big race!