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Post 17 Aug 2020, 11:24 am

Race results
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Post 17 Aug 2020, 12:27 pm

The Fall Squall Sunday Division held Race 1 on August 16th at 1 PM. The starting grid:

1) Rob Rund (Purple-black)
2) Don Tatus (Pink Racing Point Mercedes)
3) Will Swiftfoot (#11 FedEx)
4) Phil Walling (#48 Lowe’s)
5) Chris Brandt (Yellow Renault)
6) Jack Beckman (Scuderia Ferrari)
7) Dave Ingraham (Blue Dave’s Precision Dice)

The two front-row cars each had start speeds of 100, so they hope to leave the rest of the field behind.


By the end of Turn 2, Don took the lead by going inside of Rob.Jack had also made up one place by gunning it outside.


Rob would retake the lead thanks to having the line on the next turn, however.


Jack, spending wear like a drunken sailor, would get himself up to 3rd on Turn 10.


At the start of Lap 2, the order was

1) Rob
2) Don
3) Jack
4) Will
5) Phil
6) Dave
7) Chris


Will’s superior Top end, combined with coming off of Namerow quicker, allowed him to power into 2nd.


Will stayed aggressive, and tested his brakes coming into the Esses - but those NASCAR brakes just don’t have the stopping power of F1 brakes, and they failed him (naked roll of 10), costing him an extra wear and reducing his Decel to only 20.


Don and Jack catch up to Will at T7 and go three-wide.


And with his crippled brakes, Will is forced to slow before T8, allowing Dave to also get by.


Will would not have to suffer much longer, as he attempted a naked chance roll on the corner…and crashed out.


At the start of Lap 3, the order was:

1) Rob
2) Jack
3) Don
4) Dave
5) Chris
6) Phil

Jack managed to hang on to 2nd for most of Lap 3, but was going to need an Acc test *and* Top roll on Turn 37 to go his way to make it. The Acc test went OK, but the Top roll failed boxcars with the last skill point used), leaving him a space short of where he needed to be to try and keep Don behind. He could still make a Chance roll…but decided he’d settle for 3rd rather than risk a DNF.

However, at T8, Phil decided it was “go” time, and took a Chance at 120 around the outside, rolling a 1 with his -3 chip which allowed him to get past Dave (technically he was ahead at the beginning of the turn, since he was on the inside)>


Five game turns later, Rob would cross the line for the win! Don had cemented 2nd. Unfortunately for Jack, Chris was spending the wear he’d been saving like there was no tomorrow (since there wasn’t) and he was forced into a Chance roll anyway at Namerow to clear the corner; other wise he’s come out much slower than Chris and end up 4th (or possibly worse). So instead Jack took the corner at 2o-over and made the naked Chance roll, locking in 3rd.


But the final spots were still in flux! Chris, out of wear, did 120, enough to carry him past the line but not into the corner, for P4. Phil and Dave were side by side, with Phil on the inside, so Dave decided to throw in his 4 skill for 3 die rolls - test Acc to go +80, which passed with 2 skill, test Top to go 160, which passed with 1 skill, and then a late brake roll to 140, as without wear he couldn’t enter the corner (and 160 would have required 2w and a Chance anyway). The late brake roll of 11 with 1 skill didn’t work, and so Dave spun.

But he wasn’t necessarily 6th yet. Phil had plotted 140, which meant *he* would need to make a naked late brake roll, as there was no space open at 140. Phil jammed the brakes and they held (5), giving him 5th place.


So the official results of Sunday Race 1:

1) Rob
2) Don
3) Jack
4) Chris
5) Phil
6) Dave
DNF - Will

Race 2 will be Sunday, 20 September at 1 PM at Lime Rock Park. We’ll be running 4 laps - but we’ll only get 3 laps’ worth of resources! (Hey, complain to Mike, not my idea!) See you all then!
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Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 17 Aug 2020, 12:49 pm

See the Lime Rock Park track at viewtopic.php?f=240&t=4114

As we get closer to the race, I will send out the call for cars and later bids.