A very interesting showdown. Honestly, I think the bad guys need some luck in this one. I might have been a little more conservative with Drifter. Either figuring out a way to not be in range of the Marshal's 8 Aim or possibly keeping him near/in front of the bank and fending off enemies as the opportunities arise.

I think it was a good move by The Kid to just grab 2 money bags instead of taking the time to grab more. It takes a full turn to grab one since only the card 9 Draw&Cock can be used.

Ling Ho had a good idea to head for the saloon to engage the Drifter, had he not been killed before he got there.

Had The Kid drawn more Delay going over the counter on the way to the vault, or had the Banker been able to at least injure if not kill him, that could have tilted the balance even more.