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Post 22 Feb 2022, 12:55 pm

Date: Wednesday, March 9th
Time: 9 p.m. EST
Place: Tabletop / Zoom
Race Card: Upson Downs (5 races)

If interested, please contact me via sloterp <at> verizon <dot> net

Currently full at 10 but will start a waitlist. You are also welcome to watch on Zoom - just let me know.

Expected Punters

M. Polcen
B. Munies
J. Schultz
J. Mach
B. Fritz
K. Keller
T. Kay
C. Kennington
J. Welage
R. Harley
Upside Down Program.png
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Post 10 Mar 2022, 12:03 am

Punters had a hard time figuring out these races. Only two made money...

1. Tim K. $60,500
2. Kevin K. $53,000
3. Joe M. $36,000
t4. Chris K. $20,500
t4. Jason S. $20,500
6. Mike P. $19,500
7. Brent F. $18,500
8. John W. $15,000

Bruce & Russ had to cancel. John only bet & did not own or run horses. Brent had to go after the third race. No one hit a daily double or quinella but we all had a great time at the races!


Commentary from Harvey
Big crowds with big pools as usual at UPTON. Diverse jock colony with a few triple bug boys on the grounds (a new jockey has ***, which means he gets to carry 10 lbs less than other riders. when he gets 1st win, he losses 1 * and now has 7 lb allowance. ** then after 5 more wins, then he is down to 1* and he keeps the 5 lb allowance for a calendar year). Lot of top cajun riders here, of course the most infamous cajun rider, Paco Lopez Tatum, will not be here due to 15 year ban for many infractions, including race fixing. Many top trainers are on the grounds, with high hopes for their crop of 2 year olds.

Harvey Peck "May the horse be with you"

Editor's note: This is all we have from H.P, we believe he may have gone by way of Oaklawn Park, Hot Springs Ark. He goes there for the "mineral baths".
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Post 10 Mar 2022, 12:39 am

Race #1: $10,000 Claiming


Race recap from Harvey

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 10.08.09 AM.png

BIT o' MONEY broke nicely, ran unhurried down backstretch, swoope move on turn, whip used, drew off TASTEE FREEZE speed duel the 1/4, edged away at 1/2 and had lead into corner the corner,could not contain winner, finished full of run Spandamania broke in the back of pack, steady progress got rail for inside move.checked hard, hung on for 3rd MILLICAN 'S GHOST broke with leaders, well positioned, no closing kick. MORNING LINE hustled out of gate, got into an early speed duel, finished after 1/2. St.Paul no effort

My pick was Tasty Freeze, been running well and looked like he was ready. The early speed duel softened him up, 3w, jockey was looking inside on turn. not sure if he knew Bit o' money was closing like he did. Bom rolled up on tf, looked him in the eye, and went right on by. Tf did not respond until late in stretch then it was too late.


#3 Tastee Freeze (5-2) Chris K. $2,000
#2 Spandamania (4-1) Mike P. $3,000
#4 Saint Paul (5-1) Jason S. $2,000
#6 Bit o' Money (6-1) Joe M. $500
#1 Millican's Ghost (8-1) Kevin K. $1,500
#5 Morning Line (15-1) Tim K. $500

Dice in parenthesis (white-red)

Average Speed (white die) = 4.6

T1 (6-2) Morning Line gets the bonus

T2 (5-5) Tastee Freeze gets pushed outside.

T3 (3-6) Bit o' Money gets bonus and pressures the favorite.

T4 (5-4) Another bonus for the #6! Takes outright lead.

T5 (4-3) Tastee Freeze gets the bonus but can't close on Bit o' Money and settles for 2nd place. Spandamania takes 3rd with clean trip.

Win - Bit o' Money (Joe M.)
Place - Tastee Freeze (Chris K.)
Show - Spandamania (Mike P.)
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Post 10 Mar 2022, 1:08 am

Race #2: Heisenloe's Challenge


Race Recap from Harvey

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 3.10.14 PM.png

CANDY CANE urged out of gate, got lead, drew of on own,hand ride SHAMAPUN never close early, benefited from tangle top of stretch, passed tiring rivals SAIL THE BAY ran evenly, rail, closed belatedly LOOK TWICE tried to chase leader, got tired ,had contact top of stretch BLASTING CAPS,no effort FAST TRACK tried to keep up early

H.P. 1st race, when I failed to mention the nice ride by Joe Talamo mach. Horse was very relaxed early, steady gain, when asked he took off, did not over use horse. connection's pleased

Race 2 Winner was wise guy's choice. The horse had a lot of buzz in the barns.When trainer Leisly Ward put the *** up, you knew he was gonna fly early.The big crowds kept the price higher than it should of been.The show pool was out of control, due to a few "bridge jumpers" unloading in show pool, due to Upton's $2.20 min payoff on show bets

*** Kevin Smith keller hustled him out of the gate, and he was launched. A complete walker over. After 20 seconds ,the race was for place..Nice easy win for jock's 1st win. Kevin knew what was coming, he sprinted from scales to jockey quarter's door. The door was being held, then came a bombardment of eggs from many directions

harvey peck "even a blind squirrel,occasionally finds a nut"


#6 Candy Cane (3-2) Kevin K. $3,500
#5 Sail The Bay (2-1) Jason S. $3,000
#1 Look Twice (7-1) Chris K. $2,000
#4 Fast Track (10-1) Joe M. $1,500
#3 Sham-na-pum (10-1) Tim K. $500
#2 Blasting Caps (15-1) Mike P. $500

Average Speed = 3.83

T1 (5-3) Typically off the pace, Sham-na-pum gets the bonus.

T2 (4-5) Candy Cane is setting a torrid pace with the bonus.

T3 (5-2) Candy Cane looks unstoppable.

T4 (2-2) Sail The Bay gets caught in traffic. Bettors are not happy.

T5 (6-6) Candy Cane is the class of the field.

T6 (1-6) Sha-na-pum proves her mettle. Sail The Bay recovers from a poor trip.

Win - Candy Cane (Kevin K.)
Place - Sham-na-pum (Tim K.)
Show - Sail The Bay (Jason S.)
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Post 10 Mar 2022, 10:15 am

Race #3: Alfalfa Oaks


Race Recap from Harvey

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 2.25.37 PM.png

ATOM SMASHER was hustled out of gate to get lead, given a breather down back stretch, slightly urged far turn, gearing down to wire SUPERLATIVE broke slowly. really got into stride far turn responded to the whip CROSSING THE JORDAN well back early, belated run late, passed tiring rivals EMBER'S GLOW chased early, could not keep up NOBLE SOLUTION broke smartly, settled down, made a bid down back stretch, flattened out TANDOORI no effort

Nice ride by Tim O'Brian kay. He knew he had best horse, got easy lead, relaxed and horse coasted, connections pleased. I fell in love with Noble solution, i felt he would have a nice stalking trip, make move on far turn. Every thing was going to plan, he was closing the gap down backstretch, jockey acted like horse had a lot, instead of trying to challenge, he rated the horse, then he had nothing. No one was gotta top the winner today

Editor Note: Harvey Peck has been at Gulfstream Park since Upton. He owns " a leg" of a 3 year old graded stakes winner that was in a derby prep race. The horse "whistled", the party was on for harvey and entourage. He is on the to way to his favourite track (Other then saratoga of course), OAKLAWN PARK festival of racing including very important derby prep race Arkansas Derby, If you like to meet Harvey in Hot Springs, he will be in the infamous Frontier bar, right across form main entrance before the races on fri sat sun derby weekend. He has 2 recommendations if you go to derby; get the oaklawn burgers they sell in infield on derby day, not one in the grandstand. The most important thing, never under any circumstances ride the DUCK boat for a tour. You would have a better chance on Titanic


#3 Superlative (3-1) Mike P. $3,000
#1 Atom Smasher (3-1) Tim K. $2,000
#4 Noble Solution (4-1) Brent F. $6,500
#6 Tandoori (8-1) Joe M. $2,500
#5 Crossing the Jordan (10-1) Chris K. $3,000
#2 Ember's Glow (15-1) Kevin K. $500

Average Speed = 3.375

T1 (6-3) The horses jump out of the gate with Atom Smasher on the bonus.

T2 (1-4) The pace drops fast in the first turn.

T3 (2-3) The slow pace may portend trouble for the Smasher.

T4 (5-2) The pace quickens again and Noble Solution earns the bonus. The field is spread out on the backstretch.

T5 (5-6) Another fast turn. Will Atom Smasher have anything left at the end?

T6 (6-2) This one should lock the #1 horse in. Superlative gets the bonus but can't use it all.

T7 (1-4) The race slows at the end but Smasher prevails anyway!

T8 (1-4) Superlative is an easy second. Crossing the Jordan noses out Ember's Glow for third. Fan favorite, Noble Solution, collapses at the end.

Win - Atom Smasher (Tim K.)
Place - Superlative (Mike P.)
Show - Crossing the Jordan (Chris K.)
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Post 10 Mar 2022, 10:31 am

Race #4: Maiden 2-Year Olds


Race Recap from Harvey

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 5.20.44 PM.png

ANNIE ANNIE OVER broke alert, relaxed down backstretch, ,closed on own, swung out to daylight, much the best RAVENQUEST urged to the front, under pressure ,contact far turn, ran on SEVEN TREASURES ran even early, stayed inside, belated late bid NUMBER 17 broke very slowly, never threatened OLD WORLD CHARM, no early foot ,had trouble changing leads SLUSH FUND clean break, early foot to get into stalking position, full of run hit rail , full of run, pulled up

h.p. On race paper, the # 4 looked good, but i needed something with better odds. Corporation decided to bet #2 w 2-4 large Quinella ps #4. Here is what "college" mike (not to be confused with "little" mike) had to say about the ride the #2 got. *****************************. Obviously kevin smith kellar did not go to the Panamanian school of race riding. Ksk was given the impression that lead horse was getting out on the turn. Ksk had a horse that was of run, started scrubbing on him, he took off. Ksk went to inside where in reality there was no room. He made contact with horse and rail as he hard checked his mount. Horse still full and closing, but i guess jock got jostled, could not get his mount in clear, pulled up 1/16.

The trainer was all over ksk. He endangered other jockeys and horses. That was a rough trip for the horse, he could be injured.

Joe Talamo mach notched his second win on the card. rated his mounted, when it was time to go, swung him out to see open daylight,. Joe ran off and you could of "served drinks on his back" at the 1/16 pole Even better yet was his odds.

The bridge jumpers get a return of 1-10. If you have 10, why do you need 1?


#4 Ravensquest (5-2) Jason S. $2,500
#6 Number 17 (4-1) Mike P. $2,000
#2 Slush Fund (4-1) Kevin K. $2,000
#3 Seven Treasures (6-1) Tim K. $500
#5 Annie Annie Over (10-1) Joe M. $500
#1 Old World Charm (15-1) Chris K. $500

Average Speed = 3.4

T1 (1-6) The favorite comes out strong with the bonus.

T2 (2-5) The Raven gets pushed out a bit on the turn but has things in hand with another bonus.

T3 (3-6) Annie gets the bonus and starts to close.

T4 (5-5) This sprint is coming down to the wire!

T5 (6-2) Annie surges at the end for the win! Ravensquest hangs on to place. Seven Treasures noses out Number 17 to show.

Win - Annie Annie Over (Joe M.)
Place - Ravensquest (Jason S.)
Show - Seven Treasures (Tim K.)
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Post 10 Mar 2022, 11:06 am

Race #5: Cedar Downs


Race Recap from Harvey

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 5.33.26 PM.png

GET THERE FIRST broke mid pack steady gain down backstretch, put into drive far turn, pulled even top of stretch, whip used lightly, drew off KPAROV'S KNIGHT rushed to the lead, opened up down backstretch, could not contain winner, ran on RIBBON CUTTER ran in the back, wide whole trip, passed tiring rivals PINKIE PROMISE broke in chase position, but could not gain SARATOGA broke very slowly, clipped heels GOLD MEDALLION hustled out of gate to press the pace, could not keep up, clipped heels

I fell in a trap, bet the #2, very disappointing. When # 3 went right to the "bill daley", I thought he would not get caught, he went too fast early, got leg weary late. ** kevin smith kellar rode a nice race. relaxed the horse, long sustained drive to get his 2nd of day

It was a great day of racing, though all winners won by open lengths. Speed did not hold up every race, but you had to be in the 1st flight. No horse was gonna come "out of the clouds" to win.

Management said there were 4 bridge jumpers who bet $50,000 each to show on #6 2nd race.

Smith's jockey agent, "original goose" Mckenzie, had an altercation with Sebastian Madrid's agent in the paddock bar. Madrid's agent is unknown at this plant. Goose took issue with the heckling he took because of his jockey's blunder

Kevin smith kellar will be suspended by stewards, who have no patience for dangerous riding. In the 5th race the horses' clipping heels. In both those situation horses could of fallen or badly injured along with riders. There a 1001 ways to be hurt/kia as a jockey

Harvey Peck "they can not stop you every day"


#4 Get There First (3-1) Kevin K. $6,000
#5 Saratoga (3-1) Jason S. $5,000
#2 Gold Medallion (7-2) Tim K. $1,500
#1 Ribboncutter (10-1) Mike P. $2,500
#6 Pinkie Promise (10-1) Chris K. $1,000
#3 Kasparov's Knight (8-1) Joe M. $500

Average Speed = 3.4

T1 (1-3) A slow pace to start and the speedster, Kasparov's Knight, jumps out with the bonus.

T2 (3-3) The other front runner, Gold Medallion, gets the bonus as they enter the clubhouse turn.

T3 (5-6) The front runners pick up the pace. Pinkie and Ribboncutter get pushed wide in the turn.

T4 (6-4) The torrid pace continues. Ribboncutter gets the bonus.

T5 (6-3) Get There First starts to challenge with the bonus.

T6 (2-1) The race slows a bit. Can the Knight hold off the field?

T7 (1-3) The Knight gets the bonus to stay in contention.

T8 (5-6) Get There First shows her stamina as she surges towards the finish.

T9 (4-5) Get There First easily takes the win (and gets the bonus, to boot). Kasparov's Knight places.

T10 (1-2) Ribboncutter shows and Pinkie noses out Saratoga to stay in the money.

Win - Get There First (Kevin K.)
Place - Kasparov's Knight (Joe M.)
Show - Ribboncutter (Mike P.)
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Post 23 Mar 2022, 2:45 pm

All race results have been updated with Harvey Peck's comments, our resident handicapper.