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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Post 16 Jun 2021, 6:11 pm

Race Forums

Without the WBC to keep us occupied, Redscape is sponsoring a one-day tournament on Saturday, July 31st.


- All races will be run on Tabletop Simulator (training provided).
- One heat with multiple tables (dependent on driver count).
- Top 10 finishers will advance to the championship race.


Heat: 11 a.m. EDT
Final: 6 p.m. EDT

Tracks Three lap races

Heat: Shanghai
Final: Sakhir, outer circuit

The races and tournaments will be rated for Doug Schulz's driver rankings.


Email Mike at sloterp AT verizon DOT net
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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
Posts: 7860
Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 15 Jul 2021, 3:07 pm

Drivers were separated into three groups based on Doug’s driver rankings. Drivers within each group were then randomly selected for their track. I would be happy to forward the groups & results if you’d like. These groups may grow (max 10) if more people sign up - the deadline to do so is the 27th of July.

Group One
Mike Polcen RM
Stephen Peeples
Will Kennard
Chris Kennington
Brent Fritz
Russ Harley
Kathryn Harley

Group Two
Chris Long RM
Don Tatum
Kevin Keller
Jim Marvin
Andy Blozinski
Chris Hancock
Christina Hancock

Group Three
Rando Needham RM
James Benham
Tim Baker
Robert Rund
Heinz McDurgen
Michael Lind
Jason Schultz