So, I was all set to name this the Kiwi Cup until, thanks to John Oliver, New Zealand's 'Bird of the Century' is the Pūteketeke. NPR segment

Why would I name it either of those? The finals track is in New Zealand, of course! The track is completely fictional but I like the looks of it and it reminds me of the St. Pete track we ran as a final several years ago.

The tournament will begin after the WBC's (end of July). Heats will most likely be September through December with the final next January.

The tracks for the heats include two fakes, one long gone, and one real track, all in the U.S.. The order has yet to be determined.

Blue Crab (Maryland)
SAC (Nebraska)
Streets of Philly (Pennsylvania) This was run many years ago as a one-off PBEM race.
Barber (Alabama) We ran Barber in the Road America tournament but this is a different version.

Note: Only Blue Crab has been formatted for TTS.

BlueCrab TTS copy.png


Philly copy.png

Barber copy.jpg