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NASCAR Driver (Pro V)
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Post 20 Apr 2020, 2:25 pm

Post here with your after-action report.
Indy Car Driver (Pro IV)
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Post 28 Apr 2020, 6:58 pm

Enjoyed the race. It was quite the challenge with the competition that entered.

If you've seen me race, I definitely like running in front. With less experience, I do a relatively poor job of anticipating other drivers moves. I tend to expect everyone to make the same decisions I make, which is rarely true. Thus being in front helps.

Started 5th and stayed there until near the end of the first lap. Used some extra wear to move up gradually to 2nd, before losing it back to 3rd on the home stretch. Used all of the 2nd lap and most of my wear to grab the lead coming around for the white flag.

At this point, I would say it looked pretty dim. The field was way too close and there was way too much wear remaining for the big engines back there. Lots of 60/60s and even an 80/80. Yikes!

Going into the Wall, I had to use 2 of my last three wear to get the line. That would end up creating some extra suspense later on. From now on it was just a matter of trying to keep the nose of my car out ahead. I also knew I needed to save my last wear for the last corner (The Paddock).

The first group caught and passed me in the Triangle. I reluctantly rolled for a naked Accel test. Then a Top speed test. Finally a Brake test. Each I thought was the last one I needed. Unfortunately it seemed nothing was going to stop the field getting larger and larger in my rearview.

At this point, I knew I would have to roll a chance to have any hope of winning the race. The only question was when. I knew more wear would be saved for the Paddock, so I made the move in the Hairpin. Again, that would have to be enough, right? But no. Tim Kay pulls a crazier move and is next to me. So another roll.

By this point I had realized that the last wear would be better used in the Amphitheatre. Two turns at a faster speed is better than 1. If I had been outside, I would plot 120 and late brake. So to keep initiative on the inside, I had to do the same. Another successful test and now maybe I can breath. No?

Coming into the Paddock, Tim still has a wear. He can go 40 over and finish the corner at a higher speed. The win would be his if he passes the chance roll. Also Chris is racing toward the Paddock with a chance to move up if he rolled a successful chance. Finally, Rando (with 2 wear) can pass me if he gets thru traffic and passes a chance roll. And if that isn't enough, Don T is lurking in the mix. I didn't see a way for him to pass me, but that hasn't stopped him before.

I believed Tim would go 120 so that he could take the 80s or late brake to the 60s. My best hope was to force him to late brake in addition to the required chance roll. His brake failure secured the victory, once that also blocked up traffic in the Paddock.

All in all, the race was fun. Too many rolls for my taste, but maybe that is a product of the level of competition. Certainly a lot of tough competitors. Tremendous props to our RM who kept it all straight. Thanks Mike! I look forward to getting on the track again.

- Stephen (srpray)