As one of the high balance players, I felt that this railroaded me into specific choices at specific points in the race.

First off, because engine rolls are related to balance, I felt you need both engine and balance to make those rolls. While for a chance roll, you only need balance.

How this railroads you is that you should save the chance rolls until the end of the race, because if you make them early, they will affect your engine pushing. So, engine pushing first half of the race, chance rolls second half of the race.

The other thing that early chance rolls do is lower your ability to roll for braking as well. So, similar to the engine issue, you are encouraged to brake early in the race, and then chance roll in the 2nd half. Once balance decreases, the risk/benefit ratio diminishes too much.

Basically, because balance affects everything, I felt that the timing of my moves was less of a choice versus the original skill rules.

The other negative was that it took more focus for me to get my head around the new rules.

However, I thought it was very interesting conceptually. I like the concept of brake cooling. I like the concept of the more tries to push the engine, the riskier it gets.