Posted on behalf of our German player:

Germany accepts his award for his...stirring Sixth Place finish, just beating out Austria!

Germany: (standing ovation): "Thank you, thank you. (Applause continues) Yes, thank you. Again, thank you. (applause continues)Oh, please this too much much. Shut up! Let me talk, please! Gott Im Himmel! Sorry, thank you. We Germans need to work on our social niceties. So it was touch and go there...but we managed to edge out Austria for the coveted 6th place. So you see we had the best finish among the German-speaking countries. That's all that really matters. I would like to thank George for his excellent running of the game...and history lessons. And the other players for only stabbing me several times each. Very kind of you. Only Austria spared me...and he bit the dust. What does that say about humanity? Anyway, Auf Wiedersehen...bitches!"

Had fun fellas! Hope to electronically come into contact in another game soon...