Edited to reflect the correction of my blunder, also for new due date!

Peter Jackson's documentary "They Shall Not Grow Old" will be in select theaters in the USA this month. If you don't know what I'm talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mtz3KHWn1W8 I want a report from whomever sees it.

It was a little like Oprah this season: You get a retreat, you get a retreat, you get a retreat, you get a retreat. If folks don't want the retreats I assumed, please LMK by tomorrow evening. Fall 1905 orders are due on Tuesday Dec 18 at 9pm. Orders as follows:

A Budapest - Serbia (*Dislodged*) Can retreat to Gal *retreated to Gal*
A Tyrolia - Trieste

F Norwegian Sea - Norway (*Fails*)

F English Channel - North Sea
A Holland - Kiel
F Liverpool - North Atlantic Ocean
A London - Yorkshire
A Marseilles - Burgundy (*Fails*)
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Gascony (*Bounce*)
F North Sea - Helgoland Bight
A Paris - Gascony (*Bounce*)
A Ruhr Supports A Marseilles - Burgundy (*Dislodged*) *retreated to Hol*

A Burgundy Supports A Kiel - Ruhr (*Cut*)
F Gulf of Bothnia - Sweden
A Kiel - Ruhr
A Munich Supports A Kiel - Ruhr
F Norway Supports A St Petersburg (*Cut*)
A Prussia - Berlin
A St Petersburg Hold (*Dislodged*) Can retreat to Finland *retreated to Finland*

F Adriatic Sea - Venice
A Greece - Serbia (*Bounce*)
F Ionian Sea - Tyrrhenian Sea
A Trieste - Budapest
F Tunis - Western Mediterranean
A Vienna Supports A Trieste - Budapest

A Livonia - St Petersburg
A Moscow Supports A Livonia - St Petersburg
F Rumania Hold (*Dislodged*) Can retreat to Sev *retreated OTB*
A Warsaw - Prussia

F Aegean Sea Supports F Bulgaria
F Black Sea Convoys A Constantinople - Rumania
F Bulgaria(ec) Supports A Constantinople - Rumania
A Constantinople - Rumania