Brad, thank you so much for another well run race!

Don, congrats once again. I am convinced I should have fabricated a technicality that would've kept you in C2 this season (which, at this rate, is where I'll find myself next year).

Ok, i just hated this track. With any amount of traffic, that infield was impossible to navigate. The front cars would slow play (and who could blame them), leaving the pack to play conservative or having to late brake. It reminded me a bit of the Detroit race we ran here a few years ago; slow, successive corners with few passing opportunities. Sure, there are 3-wide areas on this track but I rarely saw even 2 cars near one another on those sections.

Some of this is biased by my poor results, certainly. Also, compared to the other circuits, we were more bunched up so maybe it doesn't always run this way. Regardless, I have no desire to get back on this track, at least not with a full field of cars. Good bye, Sao Paulo, hello Indy!