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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
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Post 26 Dec 2012, 10:11 am

Transfer of ideas from ESPN website (threads are removed prior to 2013 season)...

Over in the RBL we're discussing some incentives for losing teams. The primary reasons are to ensure that those teams do not drop valuable players into the FA pool as they scrounge for prospects and to maintain interest in what can be a very long fantasy baseball season. Now, I don't think the former is a problem here (there are no contractual benefits to having rookie status) but the latter does seem relevant. It is apparent to me that some owners 'check out' late in the season, potentially having an impact on who gets into the playoffs. When you only play 13 regular-season games, this is a problem - every game counts.

The details have not been hashed out for the RBL but the basic concept is to incentivize the consolation bracket, most likely with auction dollars.

Push back the FA & trade deadlines.

Add in a rule for playoff FA's with some restrictions. In the RBL we allow for two FA pickups for playoff teams, not eligible for keeper status.

FAAB!! It is my mission to have this as a permanent feature in the RFL...


The nature of fantasy football is such that I'd be in favor of allowing all acquisition types up through the end of the regular season. Maybe end trades a week early. I don't anticipate that creating the kinds of lopsided trades it would in the RBL. And the season is so much shorter that the deadline really sneaks up on you.

Fantasy football benches are insanely deep. One more bench spot than the RBL, but only one more active player than just the RBL pitching staff, to say nothing of the 12 positions on offense. No playoff pickups.

I would still like to see QB touchdowns reduced from 6 to 4 points each.
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F1 Driver (Pro VI)
Posts: 7891
Joined: 08 Apr 2002, 9:45 am

Post 04 Feb 2013, 12:47 pm

Something I thought of as we prepare for baseball season. It applies here as well:

Keeper deadline

Why do we select our keepers two weeks prior to the auction? Because that's the set-up we used in the RBL which was a carryover from David's baseball league in which I play. So, I guess the question is: David, why is the keeper deadline in the INL two weeks from the auction?

[edit] This year the INL (David's baseball league) keeper deadline is just over a week from the auction. What gives?

Would one week be preferable? There are pros and cons:

Pro: One more week of pre-season to evaluate players.
Con: One less week to prepare for the auction with full knowledge of the player pool.