We need one retreat from Russia. I will process as soon as you get it to me, but no later than Sunday 9pm.

Fall 1903 orders are due Friday November 3rd at 9pm eastern time.

Orders as follows:

A Budapest Supports A Serbia - Rumania
A Constantinople - Smyrna
F Greece Supports A Bulgaria
A Serbia - Rumania
A Trieste - Tyrolia
A Vienna Supports A Trieste - Tyrolia

F Barents Sea - Norwegian Sea
F North Sea Convoys A Norway - Edinburgh
A Norway - Edinburgh
A St Petersburg - Norway

A Belgium - Liverpool
F Brest - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Burgundy - Marseilles
F English Channel Convoys A Belgium - Liverpool
F Irish Sea Convoys A Belgium - Liverpool
A London - Yorkshire
F Marseilles - Gulf of Lyon

F Baltic Sea Convoys A Sweden - Prussia
F Denmark Hold
A Ruhr Supports A Tyrolia - Munich
A Silesia Supports A Sweden - Prussia
A Sweden - Prussia
A Tyrolia - Munich

A Bulgaria Supports A Serbia - Rumania
F Naples - Tyrrhenian Sea
A Rome - Venice
F Smyrna - Aegean Sea
F Tunis - Western Mediterranean
A Venice - Piedmont

F Ankara Supports F Black Sea - Constantinople
F Black Sea - Constantinople
A Livonia - Warsaw
A Moscow Hold
A Rumania - Bulgaria (*Dislodged*): retreats to Ukraine