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Post 20 Oct 2017, 8:26 pm

Wow, I think that was a delayed Key Lepanto, right? I've talked about 'em for years, don't think I've ever seen one actually materialize. Pretty cool fellas. Related, we say goodbye to the Turk. Thanks for playing. Hope you have better luck next time.

We need a retreat from the Russian. Can you get me your decision by Saturday at 9pm? Your builds are due Sunday at 9pm.

Take a close look, make sure I didn't screw up.

A Budapest - Serbia
A Bulgaria - Constantinople
F Greece Supports A Serbia - Bulgaria
A Trieste Supports A Budapest - Serbia

F Barents Sea Supports A Finland - St Petersburg
A Finland - St Petersburg
F North Sea Hold
A Norway Supports A Finland - St Petersburg

A Belgium Hold
F English Channel Convoys A Picardy - London
A Marseilles - Burgundy
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Irish Sea
A Picardy - London

F Baltic Sea - Gulf of Bothnia (*Fails*)
F Denmark Supports A Sweden
A Holland - Ruhr
A Munich - Tyrolia
A Silesia - Warsaw (*Bounce*)
A Sweden Supports F Denmark

A Apulia - Venice
F Ionian Sea - Tunis
A Serbia - Bulgaria
F Smyrna Supports A Bulgaria - Constantinople

F Armenia - Ankara
F Black Sea Supports F Armenia - Ankara
F Gulf of Bothnia Supports A St Petersburg (*Cut*)
A Moscow - Warsaw (*Bounce*)
A Rumania Hold
A St Petersburg Hold (*Dislodged*) (May retreat to Livonia or OTB)

F Ankara Supports A Constantinople (*Disbanded*)
A Constantinople Supports F Ankara (*Disbanded*)

Austria: Budapest, Constantinople, Greece, Serbia, Trieste, Vienna.
England: Edinburgh, Liverpool, Norway, St Petersburg.
France: Belgium, Brest, London, Marseilles, Paris, Portugal, Spain.
Germany: Berlin, Denmark, Holland, Kiel, Munich, Sweden.
Italy: Bulgaria, Naples, Rome, Smyrna, Tunis, Venice.
Russia: Ankara, Moscow, Rumania, Sevastopol, Warsaw.

Austria: Supp 6 Unit 4 Build 2
England: Supp 4 Unit 4 Build 0
France: Supp 7 Unit 5 Build 2
Germany: Supp 6 Unit 6 Build 0
Italy: Supp 6 Unit 4 Build 2
Russia: Supp 5 Unit 6 Build 0 or remove 1 depending on retreat
Turkey: Supp 0 Unit 0 Build 0
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Posts: 3379
Joined: 02 Oct 2000, 9:01 am

Post 21 Oct 2017, 9:01 am

Russia retreats to Liv
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Posts: 3379
Joined: 02 Oct 2000, 9:01 am

Post 23 Oct 2017, 5:04 am

Sorry for the delay. Builds as follows:

Build A Vienna
Build A Budapest

Build F Marseilles
Build F Brest

Build A Rome
Build F Naples

Remove F Gulf of Bothnia

Spring 1903 orders are due on Friday Oct 27th at 9pm Eastern time.