The Turkish Defense Minister is summoned by the Sultan...

Sultan: "I just received news that Ankara has fallen...without a fight!"
Defense Minister: "Yes, Your unfortunate development."
Sultan: "Yes! An unfortunate development! One could say that. As Defense
Minister would you agree that you are supposed to "defend" the country?
Defense Minister: "Yes, Your Highness"
Sultan: "And...yet Ankara burns. Without a fight."
Defense Minister: "We opted for a different strategy rather than protecting Ankara..."
Sultan: "Yes. The brilliant Invasion of Rumania strategy! How did that go?"
Defense Minister: "It failed, Your Highness."
Sultan: "It failed! How is that possible? I seem to recalling some sort of guarantee you made regarding its success..."
Defense Minister: "I was wrong Your Highness."
Sultan: "You were wrong! How is that possible? Oh were wrong about Russia going to the Black Sea in the spring, too?"
Defense Minister: "Yes, Your Highness."'
Sultan: "Because Tsar Ryanovich lied to you."
Defense Minister: "Yes, Your Highness."
Sultan: "And...yet you trusted him when he said he was not going to attack Ankara?"
Defense Minister: "That appears to be the case..."
Sultan: "And he lied again!"
Defense Minister: "Yes, Your Highness."
Sultan: "It appears...the Defense Ministry has lost its head."
Defense Minister: "I will put my head on the chopping block, Your Highness."
Sultan: "For once, you made the right decision..."