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Post 07 Oct 2017, 6:22 am

In June 1917 the US passed the Espionage Act, which allowed thousands of US citizens to be imprisoned for speaking out. A filmmaker was imprisoned for negative images of British troops in a film about the Revolutionary War. All the directors of the Jehovah Witnesses were imprisoned. Freedom of speech & religion was still OK, as long it has nothing to do with the war. Or history. Or socialism. When the Espionage Act was passed, the USA still had no troops in Europe and had just started a draft because of failing recruiting efforts. The USA couldn't actually do war, but it could pass laws!

No retreats, builds are due on Sunday October 8 at 9pm eastern time. Except for Turkey. You can take the day off.

F Albania - Greece
A Budapest Supports A Sevastopol - Rumania
A Serbia Supports F Albania - Greece

F North Sea Convoys A Yorkshire - Norway
F Norwegian Sea - Barents Sea
A Yorkshire - Norway

F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Portugal
A Picardy - Belgium
A Spain Hold

F Denmark - Sweden
A Kiel - Denmark
A Ruhr - Holland

A Apulia Hold
F Ionian Sea - Aegean Sea
A Trieste Hold

F Armenia - Ankara
A Sevastopol - Rumania
F St Petersburg(sc) - Gulf of Bothnia
A Ukraine Supports A Sevastopol - Rumania

F Black Sea Convoys A Constantinople - Rumania
A Bulgaria Supports A Constantinople - Rumania
A Constantinople - Rumania (*Fails*)

Austria: Budapest, Greece, Serbia, Vienna.
England: Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Norway.
France: Belgium, Brest, Marseilles, Paris, Portugal, Spain.
Germany: Berlin, Denmark, Holland, Kiel, Munich, Sweden.
Italy: Naples, Rome, Trieste, Venice.
Russia: Ankara, Moscow, Rumania, Sevastopol, St Petersburg,
Turkey: Bulgaria, Constantinople, Smyrna.
Unowned: Tunis.

Austria: Supp 4 Unit 3 Build 1
England: Supp 4 Unit 3 Build 1
France: Supp 6 Unit 3 Build 3
Germany: Supp 6 Unit 3 Build 3
Italy: Supp 4 Unit 3 Build 1
Russia: Supp 6 Unit 4 Build 2
Turkey: Supp 3 Unit 3 Build 0
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Post 07 Oct 2017, 6:30 am ... /1901.html

So Austria losing Trieste is pretty common (12% of the games show Austria losing Trieste in 1901.) And Italy passing up Tunis happens more than I thought (again about 12%)

But Turkey losing Ankara happens just 1.2% of the time.

Germany in Sweden is also pretty rare, happening just 2.8% of the time.
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Post 08 Oct 2017, 7:59 pm

Builds as follows.

Note that France only submitted two builds. We do have default builds (according to RS house rules), but they only kick in when a power does not submit orders. France submitted orders, and there were only two, and so the third is left unbuilt.

Spring 1901 orders are due on Friday October 13th at 9pm. Don't be late.

Build A Vienna

Build A London

Build A Paris
Build F Brest

Build A Berlin
Build A Munich
Build F Kiel

Build F Naples

Build F Sevastopol
Build A St Petersburg