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Post 08 Jan 2018, 11:25 pm

The field stretches down Mistral as there is a roar from the crowd as they see smoke coming from one of the cars!

Turn 35 is due Wendesday January 10th at 11pm Eastern. At this time we are back on normal MWF schedule.

Rob keeping it at his max speed of 180 and pounds pavement!

Mario does his best to keep up with Rob as he matches speed as he races down the straight.

Pepe attempt to pull the slingshot as he follows behind Mario, pushing his engine to its max as he attempts 180. The car revs high and reaches for it's limits, but Pepe unfortunently hears a grinding as something snaps, and his engine drops in revs! The speed lost, he can only pull aside Mario down the straight off the slip. (Acc Modified 5, Top Modified 11, Fail TOP. -20 Top)

Chris pushes his engine to it's top speed of 200 to which his car answers (Modified 8) and pulls in behind Mario

Tony piggy backs off Chris at 140 and does his best to pound pavement, finding himself just out of reach of the next slip.

Claudio tries to do the same, but at 160 find himself going too fast, and ends up in his own no mans land out of reach of Tony.

Chris Brandt does his best to catch up with the field as he exits Saint-Beaume at 160.

Christina completed Saint-Beaume though the inside at 100

Jack follows Christina through Saint-Beaume though the inside at 80.

Joshua seems to have another hiccup and runs Saint-Beaume around the outside at 80(NPR)
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Post 09 Jan 2018, 2:45 pm

So there was a minor correction as Rob requested to test for 200. He did and passed. Here is the corrected graphic
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Post 10 Jan 2018, 10:04 pm

Rob runs down the line to setup for Signes as most of the field continues to pound pavement down Mistral.

Rob eases it up to the corner at 16, gliding outside to inside to stay on the proper apex for Signes.

Mario continues down the straight at 180 as he tries to keep the field at bay and keep up with Rob.

Pepe struggles a bit with his setup as he pushes his car down Mistral at 140, the most he can get out of his engine.(NPR).

Chris Brown cranks it to full speed at 200 and blasts by Pepe as he pulls in beside Mario to challenge for 2nd.

Tony pulls up to full speed as the races down Mistral at 160. He is met from the outside by Claudio is races down to him at 200!

Chris Brandt does his best to keep up with the field as he pushes his engine to 180, and his engine answers (Top Mod 6)

Christina does her best to keep up with the field as she pushes her engine for 180, and the engine also responds (Acc Mod 5)

Jack exit's Saint-Beaume and flies down Mistral at his 160.

Regathering himself, Joshua completes Saint-Beaume at 100.
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Post 12 Jan 2018, 11:52 pm

Rob clears Singes as cars make blazing passes as the field approaches Singes.

Turn 37 is Due Monday at 11pm Eastern!

Also, if anyone is interested in seeing a slightly different Motorsport, Formula E will be running Round 3 at Marrakesh around 1600 UTC on Saturday.

Turn 36 Results

Rob runs Singes at 120 following the apex through and starts to prepare for Beaussaut

Chris Brown completes the pass on Mario as he accelerates to 160, before applying the break hard going into Singes and following the line at 140.(LB R Mod 9!)

Having been muscled of the line by Chris Brown, Mario elects to run alongside Chris through the middle of Singes at 140.

Nursing his engine as best he can, Pepe works onto the racing line for Singes at 140.

With track to spear, Claudio knows he dosen't have to slow down yet, and powers his way up to Singes at 200 along the outside, passing both Tony and Pepe.

Tony elects not to push it, and simply starts the line for Singes at 160.

Chris Brandt continues to try to keep up with the pack as he presses his engine agian, and it answers are he flies down Mistral at 180 (Top R Mod 5)

Christina continues to do as well as she follows along behind Chris at 180.

Jack tries to do so as well as he presses his engine to the absolute limit at 220, and his engie answers! (Top R Mod 4)

Joshua having left the corner at 100 pushes his engine to its top speed and gets there at 200 as he blasts down mistral (Acc R 7)
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Post 13 Jan 2018, 1:56 am

Minor Map correction as I forgot to move Joshua Whoops! ^^:;;
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Post 16 Jan 2018, 1:16 am

There are roars and cries from the crowd as suddenly it looks like the leader tried to take too much going into Beausset and is seen flying through the rumble strips off track!

Turn 38 is due Wendesday at 11pm Eastern

Knowing that Chris and Mario were gaining on him, Rob decided to take a chance, and pushes into Beausset at 100. Unfortunently, his luck at Rouen seems to carry on to here as when he tries to force it into the corner, he take it too tight, and bounces off the curb! The leader tries to correct but it's too late as the car flies off track and goes boucing over the rough stripes on the outer side of the corner, before skidding to a stop. A rattled Car and blown tires, Rob can only watch the others run to the finish as his race is now over. (Chance Roll 10, Crash!)

Chris Brown completes Singes at 140 and watches Rob loose it as he knows soon enough he will be P1!

Mario also completes the corner at 140 and pulls in behind Chris Brown.

Slowing to 140, Claudio keeps to the outside, and tries to block the closing Apex of Singes for thoes behind him.

Pepe seems to have problems agian, and ends up surrendering the line to go around the outside at 140.(NPR)

Seeing the block Tony tries to surrender the line and force his car inside, but he over corrects and the car fishtails in the corner! (Chance Mod 9. Spin!) (Cr Speed is now 0, you may accel from 40 next turn)

Navigating around Tony's spin, Chris Brandt runs Signes through the middle at 160.

Christina keeps it steady as she goes as she picks up the apex path for Signes at 180.

Jack not wanting to stay where he is, keeps the engine pumping and stressed as he keeps it redlined at 220 (Top R Mod 5), pulling to the inside of Christina, off line.

Joshua red lines it as well at 220 and his car answers (Top R Mod 3)
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Post 18 Jan 2018, 12:05 am

The field stretches out as they run through Beausset and charge through the final corners twoards the finish!

Turn 39 is due Friday Jan 20th at 11pm Eastern

Chris Brown extends his lead as he runs through the inside of Beausset at 80.

Mario decides to take the longer way, and runs through Beausset at 100.

Pushing his tires to their breaking point, Claudio pulls behind Mario in the corner at 120.

Pepe follows in tow, pulling behind Claudio at 120.

Chris Brandt dives hard inside of Beausset at 120 and pulls to the inside of Pepe

Tony recovers from his spin and clears Signes at 40.

Jack Powers into the center of Signes at 160 and blows past Tony as he powers down the straight.

Christina follows the apex of Signes and also passes Tony with ease.

Joshua slows to 180 and tears it up as he rolls around the outside of Signes with tire to spare.
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Post 19 Jan 2018, 6:08 pm

Close times through sector 1. (Sorry about being late; major computer crash.)
Castellet C3 summary.png
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Post 19 Jan 2018, 10:31 pm

Another car retires from the field as the leaders start their run into Bendor.

Turn 40 is due Monday Dec 22nd at 11pm Eastern

Chris Brown stretches his lead out a little as he forces his car inside at Bendor at 100.

Mario finishes Beausset at 100 and sets up for Bendor on the inside. He is met on the outside by Claudio who had finished the corner at 120.

Pepe seems to have issues with his car agian but it able to keep it on track as he does his best to setup for Bendor at 120(NPR)

Chris Brandt clears Beausset at 120 and tucks inside of Pepe as on way into Bendor.

Jack decides to conserve his tires for now and takes the outer line into Beausset at 100.

Christina on the other hand does not, as she pulls inside of Jack in Beausset at 100.

The Radio from Tony and his Pit Crew is lively as they try to diagnose the shape of the car. Unfortunately it is determined that Tony may have broken some of the suspension ligaments on the curb, and it is decided to retire the car(Pull off T39)

Joshua launched down twoards Beausset at 160 as passes the now retired Tony.
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Post 23 Jan 2018, 2:36 pm

The leader clears the corner as tire smoke is seen as the field bunched up in Bendor.

RM Note: My humble apologies. I completely forgot to run the turn last night. Due to this as noted below we will be on a Thu/Sat/Mon run for now.

Turn 41 is Due Thursday Jan 25th and 11pm Eastern

Chris Brown finises the corner at 100, and prepares for the final turn with the start/finish line in sight!

Mario decides to conserve his tires, and runs the inside of Bendor for 80.

Claudio with his tires bald, decides to follow Mario into the corner at 80, and is forced outside.

Chris Brandt tries to push into the corner at 120 to try to make a pass. Unfortunently he find the end of the corner blocked and is forced to slam his breaks to goto 100 as he is forces outside.

Pepe shoots into the corner at 100 and ducks outside to inside, pulling ahead of Chris.

Christina finishes Beaussaut at 100 and pulls up to the edge of Bendor.

Jack finishes Beaussaut at 100 as well on the outside and pulls in behind Christina

Joshua with his still somewhat fresh tires flies through Beassaut at 120 and pulls inside of Jack.
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Post 23 Jan 2018, 2:56 pm

One correction. I didn't break Chris Brandt before the corner for this LB. He is at 100 with 2 wear from where he sits.
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Post 26 Jan 2018, 12:46 am

Chris can see the finish in front of him as the chase pack lines up for final battles!

RM Note: Depending on how this turn goes, if all positions are set by Sat or Mon, I will close out at that time.

Turn 42 is Due Saturday Jan 27th at 11pm Eastern

Chris Brown ducks inside Tour at 100 before running Virage du Pont around the outside, setting himself up for a final sprint down the straightaway for the win!

Mario clears Bendor at 120 and taking tour down the inside pulls up to Virage as he tries to keep the others at bay for 2nd.

Claudio clears Bendor at 100 and tucks to the inside of Tour.

Pepe clears Bendor at 100 and pulls up to Tour.

Chris Brandt follows Pepe out of Bendor and pulls up behind him.

Christina saves her tires for now and runs Bendor at 80

Jack with tires to spare races through Bendor going inside to outside at 120 and pulls up around the outside of Christina as the two are clearing the corner.

Unfortunently, Josh seems to have another lapse of judgement and only runs Bendor inside at 80.
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Post 27 Jan 2018, 10:08 pm

And the Crowd Roars as Chris Brown Crosses the finishing line to win Castellet! Behind him, there is a battle for 3rd as the field is three abreast leaving Virage Du Pont!

RM Notes: Congrats to Chris and thanks all for the excellent race! As for close on what may be the penultimate turn, a couple things.

1. As by Monday's turn most cars will be finished in the race, I am going to ask the two drivers who may still be in contention of position (Christina and Jack) to please submit me their next two turns in the email, so as I can close it out on Monday.

2. I will ask all drivers to make sure you read the email from Mike, there are some important notes in the email, including a change to NPR limits which will be in effect for Race 3.

Turn 43 is Due Monday January 29th at 11pm Eastern

Blasting down the straight with all his engines might (ACC R 9), Chris Brown goes 180 as flys by the checked flag for the Win!

Mario rounds Virage Du Pont at 120 and rolls down the straight with the finish line in sight for a almost garunteed second.

Claudio on his bald tires rounds Virage around the edge at 80, and is met to the outside by Pepe and Chris Brandt, who moves 100 and 120 respectively. The three roll twoards the line in what is to be a drag race for 3rd!

Jack and Christina exit Bendor at 120 and shifting sides through the corners, both setup at the lip of Virage for a final fight for 6th!

Joshua hasn't seemed to have regathered himself, but is able to safely clear the corner at 100.(NPR)
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Post 28 Jan 2018, 6:30 am

So in processing the turn, I made a major error. The three wide on the front straight would not work if all three drivers would go outside, due to the furthest inside they could move after the turn is middle. Due to this, I have corrected the graphic:

1.Claudio is in the middle and Pepe is on the outside.
2.Chris Brandt, now blocked, is forced to make a choice: Late Break or Chance it. In this email, his second option was to chance it use his 3s chip.

Due to Chris Brandt ordering the chance option, I have rolled it(cced to the other 2 drivers), and he rolled a 7(Modified to a 4 with the chip), and successfully makes the corner and goes ahead one additional space.

Correct graphic is attached. Deadline for final turn is due Tuesday.
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Post 30 Jan 2018, 9:49 pm

Drivers race out of Virage Du Pont and down the final straight to the finish!

RM: Both turns are attached. Thank you to Jack, Christina and Josh for posting for the turn ahead to save time.

Turn 43

Mario pulls down the straight at 140 and finishes 2nd
Chris Brandt powers down at 160 and takes 3rd
Claudio pushes his engine to 160 to make sure he's ahead of Pepe and succeeds with a 4, finishing 4th
Pepe doesn't push it and crosses the line at 140 in 5th.
Jack runs Virage around the outside at 120 and passes Chrinstina.
Christina runs Virage around the inside and pulls behind Jack
Joshua powers through Tour and Virage at 120 and pulls behind Joshua

Turn 44
Jack goes 140 with enough of a head of steam to keep ahead of the others and finishes 6th
Joshua flies out from behind Christina at 180 and pulls ahead at the line for 7th
Christina watches Joshua go by as she conservativley finishes the race at 140 and finishes 8th.

RM Note: With that, the race is completed. Congrats agian to Chris and excellent race all. I hope to see you all in Estoril, which I will send out a confirmation email tommarow for. Build for that race btw are due Feb 14th. I will also be posting the race reaction post on email in case anyone wants to put their opinions on the board.