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Post 02 Dec 2017, 9:25 pm

And the leaders are side by side as the charge twoard Signes

Turn 22 is due Monday at 11pm Eastern

Rob slows to 180 as he prepares for Signes, swinging out wide.

Pepe follows him at 160, and using the strong slip coming from Rob's car, elects to not take the favored line into Signes and pulls to Rob's inside!

Mario follows Pepe at 160 and uses the slip to keep up with the leaders.

Tony continues down Mistral at his engines top speed at 160 to the inside.

Chris Brown and Claudio kick it into high gear as the two blast down Mistral at 200. Having inside advantage, Chris pulls in behind Tony as they catch up.

Chris Brandt does his best to keep up with the two as he runs Mistral at 160

Jack pushes his engine for full potential and pulls out of Saint-Beaume at 140

Having been faster through the corner, Joshua pushes to 160 and pulls outside of Jack.

Christina accelerates as best she can and enters Mistral at 120.
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Post 05 Dec 2017, 1:50 am

Rob retakes the lead as he dives hard through Signes!

RM Note: going to keep stuff sweet and short cause of how late it is.

Also, a reminder agian that unless I post differently due to a glitch or screw up or something like that, the next turn will run the next Monday, Wendesday, or Friday. I will do my best to send a 1 day to go reminder out, but know that even if I don't for whatever reason, the turn will be due

Turn 23 is due Wendesday at 11pm Eastern.

Pepe dives inside through Signes at 140 through the middle, blocking exiting line for Rob.

Rob responds by forcing it inside anyway at 140 and staying to the inside, pulling back ahead of pepe.

Mario decides to take it easy and runs 120 along the Apex of Signes

Tony meanders up the line for Signes at his top speed of 160.

Claudio and Chris Brown drag race down to the corner at 200, upon seeing Tony ahead of them taking the apex they split around him and each pass him as they set up on different lines to enter the corner.

Jack pushes down Mistral at 200.

Joshua NPRs and is forced to run Mistral at 160(20 mph faster than the outside line of Signes)

Christina races down Mistral at 180.
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Post 09 Dec 2017, 1:17 am

Cars squeeze their way into Beausset as the field gets tighter.

Turn 25 is Due Monday at 11pm Eastern

Rob decides to save tires and puts through the corner at 80, ending on the inner edge.

Pepe rides through the outer lane at 120 and pulls up beside Rob on the outside.

Mario decides the run the outer and middle lanes at 100 as he crests Beausset's apex

Claudio having let Mario by dives inside at 80, and edges ahead of Mario as they exit the corner.

Chris Brown dives tight to the inside of Beausset at 100, pulling in behind Claudio

Tony follows Chris Brown into the corner at 120 and runs out wide, pulling his nose up beside Chris.

Chris Brandt decides to try to measure up the corner and decelerates to 100, staying inside.

Jack uses his powerful breaks to decelerate to 140 and rings it through the line.

Joshua takes the softer route and runs 140 around the outside.

Christina powers her way up to the corner at 160 as she follows the apex.
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Post 10 Dec 2017, 11:58 pm

I should of done this sooner but anyway, it seems I forgot to rescape post turn 23. Here is the results which lead to turn 24. Note this is not the curremt turn file.. That is the post above

Leaders struggle a little as the rest of the field sizes up or navigates Singes

RM Note: I believe my forwarded message reminder didn't do a good job. My apologies. Will go back to seperate emails from now on but have a graphic copied to it.

Turn 24 is Due Friday at 11pm Eastern

Pepe and Rob struggle a little as they both NPR, sliding twoards the outer lane of Beausset at 100

Mario finishes navigating Signes at 120 and pulls within striking distance of the leaders on the inside.

Claudio forces his way through the corner at 140 down the inside, his tires showing signs of high wear as he pulls alongside Mario on the run up to Beausset.

Chris Brown runs Signes wide at 140 to conserve his tires before fishtailing outside, blocking Tony's line coming out of the corner and forcing him to loose momentum as he runs the middle.

Chris Brandt runs the Arrow through Signes at 140

Jack, Joshua and Christina run at their top speeds of 200, 200 and 180 down Mistral, Jack starting to setup for the line into Signes.
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Post 11 Dec 2017, 10:38 pm

The leaders duke it out as they roll into Bendor, with the chase pack still tightly packed as they approach.

Turn 26 due Wendesday at 11pm Eastern

Pepe takes the initiative out of Beausset at 120 and charges into Bendor along the outside.

Letting Pepe pull ahead for the moment, Rob attempting to pull a crossover manuver as he dives inside at Bendor at 100!

Claudio, Mario, Chris Brown and Tony pull out of Beausset at their maintained speed and stack up 2 abreast on the approach to Bendor.

Chris Brandt pushes into Beausset along the inside at 100.

Jack enters Beausset at 100 and runs it along the outside.

Joshua completes his run of Signes at 140 and pulls inside to set up for Beausset.

Christina keeps her engine a chugging as she forces her car through the line of Signes at 160, and pulls up right in front of Joshua at the lip of the corner
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Post 12 Dec 2017, 4:33 am

A tie for the top, almost 10mph faster than 3rd.
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Post 13 Dec 2017, 10:49 pm

Alot of shifting in the pack as the leaders seem to have issues agian.

Turn 27 is Due Friday Dec 16th at 11pm Eastern

There seems to be some rather rabid discussion going on on the radios among the leaders, as once again Pepe and Rob seem to Bobble. Both drivers though avoid hitting each other and run through Village side by side at 100. (Both NPRed)

Mario out drags Claudio into the corner at 100, running outside before diving inside to block.

Claudio tries to follow Mario in, but finding the inside blocked, is forces to go wide at the apex and finds himself on the outside of Mario still in the corner(You may accelerate to 100 legally next turn)

Tony decides it's time to be daring as he blazes into the corner at 120. Pounding it down the inside, he is able to squeeze his way past Mario and pull himself out of the corner with some excellent driving agility! (Force Pass Roll Mod 6)

Chris Brown watches Tony take off ahead of him but decides to take it easy as he runs the outside at 100 and pulls up behind Claudio.

Chris Brandt clears Beausset and pulls into the outside of Bendor at 100

Jack finishes Beausset and pulls up to the edge of the corner at 100

Christina takes the opportunity to push ahead as she forces her way through Beausset around the inside at 100 and pulls just ahead of Jack as she pulls in front of him.

Joshua also takes the opportunity and wrings it around the inside at 100, pulling to the inside of Jack.
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Post 15 Dec 2017, 10:45 pm

The field flows smoothly through the back section of corners with a few challenges as the leaders pull onto the main stretch in preparation of the final lap!

Turn 28 is Due Monday Dec 19th at 11pm Eastern

Pepe pushes his car and tires at 120 and pulls himself onto the main straight to lead the way into Lap 3.

Rob decides to not push his tires as hard and follows Pepe through at 100.

Tony races up to Virage du Pont at 100, and is soon met on the outside by Mario who had cleared Bendor at 120.

Claudio and Chris Brown finish the corner at 100, keeping in tight step as they run the short straight.

Chris Brandt slows to 80 as he dives inside at Bendor and blocks the inside corner's edge.

Christina barrels into Bendor at 120 in hopes of taking that spot, but finding Chris Brandt there, elects to pull outside at the apex.

Joshua and Jack pull into Bendor around the outside at 120 and 100 respectivly, with Jack pulling in behind Joshua.
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Post 18 Dec 2017, 11:26 pm

No changes in position as the field enters Lap 3, though Rob is charging hard and challenging.

RM Notice: As the Holiday is going up, and that I will be attenting Magfest 2018 the first week in Janurary, there will be a couple off days over the next couple weeks for turns.

Turns will be as follows
Wendesday the 20th: 29
Friday the 22nd: 30
Monday the 25th: No Turn - Christmas
Wendesay the 28th: 31
Friday the 30th: 32
Monday the 1st: 33(unless you guys wish to skip)
Wendesday the 3rd: No Turn - MagFest
Friday the 5th: No Turn - MagFest

From there, we should be back on standard schedule. If you guys have any questions let me know.

Turn 29 is due Wendesay Dec 20th at 11pm Eastern

Pepe plows down the finishing straight to start the lead for lap 3 as he crosses the line and sets up for Verrier going 160. He is met on the outside by a hard charging Rob for powers down the straight at 180

Mario and Tony each up Virage along the outside at 100 and find themselves yet agian neck and neck as they come to the line.

Clauido and Chris Brown run Virage at 100 and work their way through it wide, Claudio moving middle to fade inside for the straightaway.

Chris Brandt powers up to the edge of Virage at 120.

Christina has another bobble and simply ends her turn at 100 right in front of Tour.

Joshua finishes the corner at 120 and pulls along the inside of the wide corner.

Jack works his way out of Bendor at 100 and pulls inside.
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Post 20 Dec 2017, 10:00 pm

The Chase back bunches up in preperation of Verrier as the leaders work their way through.

Turn 30 is due Friday Dec 22nd at 11pm Eastern

Pepe and Rob work their way through the apex of Verrier at 140 and end up back side by side at the end of the path as they work the kink.

Tony uses his Inside Advantage on Mario to pull 140 into the beginning of the Apex of Vierrer.

Expecting he would be loosing the Apex, Mario slows to 120 and pull in behind Tony to attempt a slip in the coming turn.

Claudio powers down the straight the straight at 160, pulling to the inside of Mario.

Chris Brown pulls down the inside at 160 and pulls into slip of Claudio.

Chris Brandt works his way through Virage du Pont at 100 and works his way onto the straight.

Christina dives down the inside of Virage as onto the street at 80

Joshua has a bit of a bobble and slides onto the outside of Virage at 80.(NPR)

Jack pulls up to Virage at 100.
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Post 22 Dec 2017, 11:24 pm

The Leaders ride into Chicane neck and neck as the chase back floats as a group down the straight twoards it.

Turn 31 is due Wendesday Dec 27th at 11pm Eastern
No Turn on Christmas. Hope you guys who celebrate have a Merry Christmas.

Pepe races into the Chicane at 120 and runs it along the outside. Rob take the corner tight at 100, and the two leaders return to being neck and neck as they reach the apex of the chicane.

Tony shimmies through Verrier at 140 and pulls to the inside on the straight.

Claudio runs through at 140 and parks himself on the inside of the kink.

Mario follow Tony through at 140 and uses his slip of pull back ahead of Claudio and neck and neck with Tony.

Chris Brown follows Claudio through at 140 and uses the slipstream to pull to his outside, and into Mario's tail.

Chris Brandt races up to Veierre at 160.

Christina pounds down the straight away at 140 and sets herself inside.

Joshua finishes off Virage at 80

Jack runs Virage around the inside at 80 and pulls into Joshua's slip.
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Post 28 Dec 2017, 12:18 am

Rob uses his inside advantage to gain an edge on Pepe, but with his tires bare, how long will that advantage last?!?

Turn 32 is due Friday Dec 29th at 11pm Eastern

Rob finishes the chicane inside at 80 before pulling into Saint-Beaume on the inside, running his tires down to their edge!

Pepe seeing Rob's move, gives the advantage to Rob before pulling up behind him to enter Saint-Beaume.

Tony uses his inside advantage to power into the Chicane at 120 and run inside to outside.

Seeing Tony going Inside-Outside, Marioi finds himself in a bit of a bind at 120. Approaching the corner, he slams the breaks (9) to break to 100 and is able to run the chicane through the inside and pull inside of Tony at the end.

Chris Brown races into the Chicane at 120, keeping outside to keep rubber on his tires.

Claudio follows Chris into the corner at 100 and pulls down the inside.

Chris Brandt dashes through the Apex of Verrier at 140 and sets up on the inside.

Christina runs the Apex of Verrier at 120, setting to finish the line next turn.

Joshua runs up to Verrier from the middle at 160.

Jack does the same and pulls up behind Joshua.
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Post 28 Dec 2017, 4:58 am

The lap 2 numbers.
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Post 29 Dec 2017, 11:16 pm

As Pepe Bobbles entering the corner Rob breaks away from the pack and prepares to fly down Mistral, but can he keep that lead with whats left of his Tires?!?

RM: Standings properly updated!

Turn 33 is due Monday Dec 1st at 11pm Eastern. Note that this will be the only turn for that week due to that I will be at Magfest.

Rob clears Saint-Beaume at 100 and prepares to crank his engine as hard as he can as he rolls onto Mistral.

Behind him, Pepe bobbles and slides outside of Saint-Beaume at 60. (NPR)

Mario uses his inside advantage to gain the edge of Tony and drives his car hard into Saint-Beaume, moving outside to inside at 100 and ending at the inside edge.

Tony denied that resigns himself to move outside at 100 and slots himself behind Pepe.

His tires starting to reach their rims, Claudio decides to not push it in Saint-Beaume and runs outside at 100.

With more tire left, Chris Brown on the other hand decides to push it as he carves down the inside of Saint-Beaume at 100 and passes Claudio.

Chris Brandt Navigates the Chicane at 100 moving Inside to outside.

Christina goes 120 and pulls up to the Chicane.

Joshua presses his way through Vierrer along the optimal line at 160 and pulls down the inside.

Jack piggy backs off Joshua's slip at 140 as he runs the line at Vierrer and stays on Joshua's tail.
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Post 02 Jan 2018, 1:03 am

The field shuffles as it exits Saint-Beaume and forms into a long slipstream line!

Turn 34 due Monday Janurary 8th at 11pm Eastern. As noted, no move Wend or Fri as I will be at Magfest, hope you guys have a good week!

Rob does his best to hold his lead as he blasts down the Straight at 180, pushing his engine to the max!

Pepe recovers from his bobble and pushing his engine for 120 pulling oto the inside on the straight. His engine answers and does so. (1s Mod Roll 5)

Mario blasts out of Saint-Beaume from the inside at 140 and onto the straight, slotting himself out in front of Pepe, passing for 2nd.

Tony stuck in a poor spot in Saint-Beaume, finishes the corner at 100 and pulls inside on the straight.

Chris Brown finishes his power running of Saint-Beaume at 120 and races onto Mistral, sliding behind Pepe in hopes of a slip next turn, passing Tony in the process

Claudio finishes Saint-Beaume down the inside at 100 and slots in behind Tony as he pulls onto Mistral.

Chris Brandt runs the outside to inside line of Saint-Beaume at 100 and sets up to power onto Mistral.

Christna runs the inside to outside line of Chicane and pops inside to setup for Saint-Beaume at 100.

Getting some extra out of his breaks(R 4), Joshua slows to 80 and runs the same line as Christina to the edge of the corner.

Jack follows Joshua in at 80 before pulling inside on the second part, gaining an advantage going into next turn.