Posted in answer to England's questions:

--> When Germany builds a second fleet "the book" says it's unavoidably anti-English (George, right?)

Yes, that's right.

--> (For what it's worth, a 17-17 tie might be a unicorn, but a solo ... well... a solo is what we all play for... right, George?)

Yes, that's right too, but a 17-17 tie, that's really cool. I might have been tempted just to say I did it.

A couple of things to note as a GM EoG: The newbies ran roughshod over experienced players, and that's pretty cool. Dip is a simple game to learn, and apparently to master. Well done fellas.

At various times Turkey, Russia, Italy and England proposed a DIAS, and I believe all these powers also voted against a DIAS, and sometimes it shifted in a very short time: One year Russia would request a DIAS and Italy would vote it down. A year or two later Italy would request a DIAS and Russia would vote it down. And so while R/T had their way with the board, there were shifting tides, which always makes things interesting.

Thanks for playing. Perhaps we can try it again in 2026 (A reference to the 10 years between the only two times I GM'ed a Dip game with our Italian, German and English players.)