This is Germany's EoG. I bolded a part that I think is great for any fan of this game:

Sorry for the late reply but Big Shout Out to Russia and Turkey for an impressive run. I didn't have much communication with Turkey but Russia was the penultimate gentleman adversary.

And also thanks to George for taking on the role of GM and keeping the trains running. You did a super amazing job of running this wonderful train-wreck of a game.

I say wonderful train-wreck because Diplomacy is the only game I at once love love love and hate to my very core. No game brings more stress by screwing over your friends and such pleasure when you knife them in the back. The most memorable moment of the game took place not online but in person when England and I bumped into each other the morning following England's ruthless "@#$! you" to Germany. England looked like he was a dog who had just shit the carpet with his tail between his legs. Now I know that this is just a game. But I was really upset and hurt and even concerned for our friendship. How could my good friend do something like this? A few hours later, at work, I settled down and finally smiled. Damn. I would have done the exact thing. If only I had had the balls. Good move England. No. Great move England.

What other game makes you feel that way?

I don't remember much about the details of all the moves. I did try and negotiate with everyone sans Turkey. I don't fault Austria for being incommunicado. He was a noob. We should have coached him better or at least given him better fair warning on the operations of the game. I could never get through to France. I tried so hard to make the E/G/F alliance a thing. The outcomes were never satisfactory for either side. I could never understand if Italy was being the good guy trying to help me out or the devilish super serving weasel. Now I am sure. With Italy, it's ALWAYS the latter. I tried to convince England that the bear was coming early and we should make a move to push on him in the North. But I think England also got a little wrapped up in Russia's Badge of Honor approach. I didn't go by the book. I read and read and read the articles / advice on strategy but I thought that breaking tradition and time honored tactics would lead to a different outcome. What a Dummkopf I am.

I had so much fun playing Diplomacy and thank you all for sharing your time and energy to play this crazy game. I would be up for another one after the summer. But until then, we should all try and get together to raise a glass and buy our good man George a potent potable or two.

Your friend.