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What is Redscape?

Redscape is an online gaming community for forum-based PBEM games. The historic focus of the site is Diplomacy. More recently, Redscape has also become active in the hosting of Speed Circuit (or more accurately, Championship Formula Racing) including a multi-circuit league.

How do I start?

Look for game openings under New Games. Note your interest in the game by posting in the thread. The GM will contact you once the game is filled. To post, you must register at the site.

How do I register?

Registration is self-explanatory. The answer to the ‘Best game ever’ question is Diplomacy. This was inserted to confound the robo-spammers.

What makes Redscape different?

    Human GM’s. The advantages of a human GM include the ability to play variants, play-test new variants, and fewer player dropouts. A human GM can also add to the aesthetics and enjoyment of play with graphic enhancements and commentary.

    Forum-based play. Each game has its own dedicated forum. Players may post comments, banter, press, etc… in the game forum.

    Quality and dedication of its players. Given the typical pace of a Redscape Diplomacy game of one turn per week, the less hurried communications are more carefully considered and thoughtful. The number of NMR’s (no move received) is typically less than 5% for a game.

Games we play:

    Diplomacy. Redscape has been home to both tournament Diplomacy and variants. Many variants have been created by Redscape members. Tom Reinecker (GMTom) earns special mention as designer of Explore, WW4, and the always popular NWO.

    Speed Circuit An F1 racing simulation, this board game has been around almost as long as Diplomacy (1971). It was last published by AH and has been re-issued and improved under the name Championship Formula Racing.

    Gunslinger Jim O. has been offering PBEM Gunslinger for several years now and has attracted a dedicated following to the fastest game in the West.

    Fantasy Sports. Redscape is home to several fantasy sports leagues. Current leagues have been in existence for twenty years or more.

    Others. Game of Thrones, Advanced Civilization, Kingmaker, and other PBEM games have been played at one time or another.

History of Redscape:

Redscape is the brainchild of Chad Schroeder. The site went online in 2000 and over several years built up its membership to several thousand. Redscape became a very active place for the playing of Diplomacy and its variants. By mid-decade, it was not uncommon to see twenty or more active games on Redscape at the same time, all with volunteer GM’s. Hard times came with the popularity of automated judges for Diplomacy using very simple-to-use click & point technology. An attempt was made to incorporate such a judge at Redscape (named OTTO) but it suffered from too many glitches and couldn’t compete. A failed reboot and rebranding of the site led to the loss of many members. In 2012, Chad was ready to move on and close the site down. Long-time members Brad & Neal offered to provide a server home to the site. Chad agreed and handed over the reins.


    The Don Miller Award for Meritorious Service (2002 & 2003). Awarded to Chad Schroeder for the creation and development of Redscape.

    The Fred Hyatt Award for GM Performance (2002). Awarded to Tom Reinecker for GM’ing his hand-designed, 30-player WWIV variant.

    The Fred Hyatt Award for GM Performance (2003). Awarded to Christine Stoy for bringing professionalism and personality to the numerous Redscape & Worldmaster games she GM’ed.

The Future?

Not only did Chad start Redscape but he was also a programmer in phpBB, the language underlying the whole thing. Neither Brad, Neal, nor any remaining members have the ability to make fundamental changes to the site other than administrative functions (forum creation, set moderators, user maintenance, etc…). Some funds were put into paying a programmer for much-needed fixes but this is not a revenue generating site so that is not an option going forward. However, via donations from caring members and a dedicated candy machine, Brad & Neal are able to keep the lights on.

Redscape will continue to offer high quality PBEM games as long as there are volunteers to run them. Though never required, all members are encouraged to GM games, develop and test variants, or run non-Diplomacy games suited to the format.

Welcome to Redscape!
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Post 22 Sep 2015, 7:48 am

Human Moderated Games seem to be a thing of the past, but not so here! Automated games certainly offer a great deal (always on time and almost never an error) but the human aspect is nice, a game run by an actual person will see that game fine tuned to it's players. Sometimes the GM will add some creative flair, sometimes he will answer questions, sometimes he will help the game avoid NMR's by sending reminders and/or pausing for a short time (far too many automated sites are filled with those who live to take advantage of such player NMR's they prefer gaining advantages over a quality game. Yes, delays can also kill a game so having an actual human who has a feel for the game is the best of all worlds.

But as stated above, we need your help!
Please consider hosting a game as a GM. It is fairly easy but greatly rewarding and you get a sense of paying back the community. Give it a whirl some time! If you are interested in hosting a game but are unsure of things, then ask! If you prefer, you can drop me an email in private:
explorediplomacy (at) gmail (dot) com