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Post 17 Sep 2015, 5:32 pm

Dateline: The Hague - shots were fired this week as residents of the lowlands region rose up and threw off their Burgundian Oppressors. Calling itself the Orange Republic, these Dutch Nationals quickly formed two militias with the equipment left behind by the cheese-eating Dijonaise soldiers in their hasty retreat.

Word is that the Dutch were so upset by the propaganda put out by the Burgundian leader that they even managed to support an extra naval unit, rumored to be patrolling Helgoland Bight.

Burgundy, which had a promising start to the war, is now divided and severely weakened.

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[p.s. the GM may be exaggerating in response to certain allegations of adjudication errors by certain tinpot dictators...but then again, perhaps not. ;)]
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Post 19 Sep 2015, 8:50 pm

I think the House of Orange is quite happy with this current arrangement! There are much greater dangers to Burgundy, anyway. I understand the, Hungarians are just hungry for those central German SCs. And Spain has a contract to see oranges in Languedoc.