Burgundy triples-down on the continent while Eire and Spain start pumping out fleets. The east looks to become a red hot mess in short order.

Next Deadline: Spring 1902 Adjustments due Tuesday, September 22 at 9am EDT/1pm UTC.

Winter 1901 Results

Burgundy - GMTom
Build A BRU
Build A HAG
Build A DIJ

Byzantium - Crawdadr

Eire - georgeatkins
Build F Edinburgh
Build F Alcluyd

Hungary - Sassenach
Build A Sze

Israel - Lingfish
A Dam
F Cai

Poland - Talrus
Build Army Gda
Build Army War

Sicily - Reuben
Build Army Rome

Spain - Archduke Russell John
F San
F Val

Ukraine - kidegan
build army kiev

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