Next Deadline: Winter 1901 Adjustments due Thursday, September 17 at 9am EDT/1pm UTC.

Submitted Fall 1901 Press

An ill-inducing wave of cheap perfume has been wafting across the Sea from the Burgundian shores , causing nausea and indigestion to thousands of good, decent Eireans this past few weeks. Government officials have lodged a complaint about this ill-timed and underhanded aroma-warfare, especially as there is no state of War between Eire and Burgundy.

"We think that certain parties of the French persuasion are either attempting to provoke us into a military response; or one of their perfumeries might have blewn up," remarked Eirean foreign officer, Hal O'Leuyah. "Actually, " continued O'Leuyah,"it smells like that tripe they pawn off on the Polish trade. But I can promise that if this air is not cleared up immediately, the Burgundian cities may soon find themselves knee-deep in Haggis!"

Fall 1901 Results

Burgundy - GMTom
Hel to Den
Pic to Brit
Lan hold

Byzantium - Crawdadr
A BUL to RUM (*bounce 1v1*)

Eire - georgeatkins
F Irish Sea - English Channel
F North Sea - Norway
A Yorkshire - Wessex

Hungary - Sassenach
A Aus - Boh (*bounce 1v1*)
A Tra - Bud
F Cro - Ven (*bounce 1v1*)

Israel - Lingfish
A Syria - Armenia
A Arabia - Mesopotamia
F Alamein - Cyrenaica

Poland - Talrus
Fleet Bor - Swe
Army Nov - Mus (*bounce 1v1*)
Army Gal - Boh (*bounce 1v1*)

Sicily - Reuben
F Apulia - Adriatic Sea
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Tunisia
A Tuscany - Venice (*bounce 1v1*)

Spain - Archduke Russell John
A San to Por
F SAO to Mor

Ukraine - kidegan
fleet west black sea-geo
army podolia-muscovy (*bounce 1v1*)
army rumania hold

Supply Center Ownership
Burgundy (6 SCs, 3 Units, +3): BRU*, DIJ*, HAG*, +BRI, +DEN, +LAN
Byzantium (5 SCs, 3 Units, +2): ATH*, CON*, SMY*, +BUL, +YAL
Eire (5 SCs, 3 Units, +2): ALC*, DUB*, EDI*, +NOR, +WES
Hungary (4 SCs, 3 Units, +1): BUD*, SZE*, ZAR*, +AUS
Israel (5 SCs, 3 Units, +2): CAI*, DAM*, JER*, +ARM, +CYR
Poland (5 SCs, 3 Units, +2): GDA*, RIG*, WAR*, +NOV, +SWE
Sicily (4 SCs, 3 Units, +1): NAP*, PAL*, ROM*, +TUN
Spain (5 SCs, 3 Units, +2): SAN*, TOL*, VAL*, +MOR, +POR
Ukraine (4 SCs, 3 Units, +1): KIE*, ODE*, +GEO, +RUM, -YAL*