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Post 08 May 2015, 8:31 am

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9am EDT/1pm UTC.

Known Exceptions
May 25: Memorial Day Holiday - US (no deadline this day)
June 14-June 17: RM Travel (Work trip - may be able to process a turn)
June 20-June 27: RM Travel (vacation, no turns processed)

(Last Updated May 8, 2015)
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Post 08 May 2015, 8:33 am


Because Speed Circuit plots can be done in a relatively short time (and frequently are), and because I am going to be traveling periodically for work and vacation, I am going to run with a concept I'll call the Flex Deadline. We tested this a bit with the Montreal Race and it seemed to be well received.

How it works:
As the RM, I will set a standard deadline that we will stick to when possible for Turn processing. The current standard deadline, and any known exceptions, are posted above.

Once a turn is processed, I'll announce the next deadline, which will (typically) be 2 days after. However, if all plots are received early and I have the time to process, I will process the turn as soon as I can. At that point, I will set another deadline which will (typically) be 2 days later. Depending on the processing time, this could be a soft deadline or a hard deadline.

Soft Deadline: I will send reminders for plots and aim to process at this time. However, if I am missing a plot, I will not process and assign a "NPR" to a driver until we pass a hard deadline.
Hard Deadline: If a Soft Deadline is given, this will be the next standard (Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9am EDT/1pm UTC) deadline after the Soft Deadline.
NPR: No Plot Received. This counts against you for Redscape Ranks, and several NPRs will result in removal from the race and possibly the RFR League. When a NPR happens, the RM will create a plot based on the Redscape Grand Prix guidelines for RM plots.

Example 1: Turn 1 deadline is set for a Monday at 9am EDT. If I receive all plots by Saturday, I will process the turn and set a Turn 2 soft deadline of Tuesday at 9am EDT. If I don't have all plots by 9am EDT Tuesday, I will push the deadline to Wednesday 9am EDT (which would be the next "standard" deadline) and it will be a hard deadline. If I still have a plot or plots missing, the driver(s) will be assigned a "NPR" and I will process the turn using RM plots per the Redscape Grand Prix rules.

Example 2: Turn 1 is processed on Monday. Turn 2 deadline is set for Wednesday 9am. This is a hard deadline because that is the "standard" deadline day. But let's say all the drivers are really fast, and I receive all plots for Turn 2 by late Monday night. If I can process the turn Monday night, I will do it and post a new deadline for Turn 3 of Wednesday 9am - but this one will be considered a soft deadline, because it would be only about 36 hours and I would have already processed the turn that would normally be set for that day.

1. If I process a turn on a Friday, there will not be a deadline during the weekend. If all plots are received over the weekend (and I have time), I will process the turn and set a soft deadline of Tuesday or later.
2. You the driver can specifically request that I do not process early when you send your plot. This could be traveling, or there's been a severe weather event in your area, etc... whatever the reason, I will work with you here. You will be expected to hit the standard deadlines, however
3. When the RM is traveling, we will have delays. I am hoping to be able to process on my work laptop when I'm traveling for work, but it may not be possible. And I will definitely be traveling for vacation during the last week in June, and will be unable to process turns.

1. Proxy Driver: when you are away, I will accept proxy plots from a designated driver who is not in the C2 race. There 11 drivers (other than me) in Circuit 1 that would be good first looks if you need a proxy.
2. Plot-ahead: This is more common than needing a proxy driver. Because I am racing in Circuit 1 instead of Circuit 2, I am able to accept plots for multiple turns ahead. You can include any number of conditional plots - but ensure your plots are clear on speed. Per the rules, for a given turn, all of these plots the speed must be the same. If you send conditional plots for the same turn with different speeds you must base the speed conditions on the previous turn. Examples:
Acceptable Turn 3 order: If I get a Slipstream in Turn 2, plot 80 MPH. If I don't get a slipstream bonus, plot 100 MPH.
Unacceptable Turn 3 order: If I get a slip this turn, go 80 MPH. If I don't get a slipstream bonus, go 100.

Post any questions/concerns below, or email me.