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Post 15 Jul 2015, 10:28 am

Thank you Mike for GMing a game that took forever to start but then moved along very smoothly under your flawless direction. Your effort was much appreciated.

Brad, you old rascal, congrats on the solo. As I said, it’s something I would never do and it’s funny that Patrick wanted to stop me from a solo. In the over 43 years that I’ve been playing this game, I have never soloed. Just not in my nature, I guess. So, Patrick was concerned unnecessarily.

Rob, I’m glad to have played in a game with you again and seeing the explanation in your EOG, I now understand why we didn’t have the amount of back and forth we enjoyed in the past. Maybe next time. Even after Brad’s solo, I still thoroughly enjoyed our 3-way alliance/partnership. Thanks for being part of that.

Tom and Erik, I truly enjoyed watching the two of you work together as a loyal alliance. There are many who are part of this “society” who do not believe in loyalty. Winning the game by yourself is the object of the game. This is not a reference to Brad. Bless his heart, his is the most reluctant solo I have ever seen.

I’m sorry I went back on our agreement, Tom, but I was committed to the R-T-F alliance. Had the D.I.A.S. succeeded, I’m glad I did all I could to ensure your survival.

Erik, you played a great game yourself, sir. Sorry I kept the R-T-F secret from you and Tom, and I guess, basically everyone else. I hope to have an opportunity to play in a game with both of you again.

To Shudda, our German player, I’m sorry I have forgotten your name. I am being bad and writing this at work. Your proper name is in my files … at home. I basically lied about my connection to Russia and I basically stayed out of his way as he attacked your positions. But I didn’t lie to you when it came to my main objective. I was after England and nothing else really mattered. Maybe we meet again.

This brings me to Patrick. In Brad’s EOG he mentioned the hostility between us. There was no deep-seated hostility on my part, Patrick, I just wanted to “kick your butt” after the last game we played. That was my sole objective in this game … and the fact that you took over Austria and I got to do it twice !!! Well sir, that was deliriously delicious. You’re too good a player to take lightly and I knew I had one chance to box you in and that was to strike within the first 2 seasons. Otherwise, the opportunity would disappear. If we meet again and I hope we do, this will not carry over; at least not on my part.

Well that’s it for me. I was so happy to have played a game at last. As Brad, Rob and Patrick can attest, there were so many more games a mere 3 years ago. And, so many more players. As a GM, you could post a game start and within 2 weeks, have it full populated and ready to go. I miss those days. Hopefully we can get back to that.

In the meantime, I enjoyed this game. Thanks to all who participated.
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Post 20 Jul 2015, 8:00 pm

You might be flattered to know I am playing a few games as France currently and I am modeling much of what I do on how I saw you play. You should see how sweetly I and politely I ask Italy if it would be okay if I build a fleet in Mars.
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Post 21 Jul 2015, 5:46 am