Hello altogether,

I hope this forum is still active. If not, I will copy-paste this post in General Discussion. :grin:

As today started "Age of Darkness", the NWO Diplomacy variant, I again experienced how complicated and painful communication in the beginning is.

I have to look up the mailadress of a country, then guess the name of the recipient and find a nice subject line, just for sending a quick "Hello" message.
Sometimes I get a message and the sender assumed I knew who he was but I have no clue.
Even more a problem are the different time zones. I just can't remember where everyone lives.

Then I had an idea: What about a platform similar to webdiplomacy.net but without the adjudicator:
As GM you can register a game and post updates according to the season.
As a user you can join games and write your fellow players, you always know in which time zone they live and which country they play . Furthermore you can post

I'd like to hear your feedback on this quick shot.
Did you encounter different issues?
Would you use such a platform? (especially experienced GMs like Tedesco or Zeldark)

If there is sufficient feedback I will start development.
I really appreciate your feedback.